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20071019_avot_headAVOT is dedicated to victory in the War on Terrorism. Through the shaping of public opinion, the encouragement of a foreign policy based on the founding principles of America, increased research about Islam and Islamism, and a steadfast commitment to attacking those who would blame America first, AVOT will work toward victory in this first great war of the 21st century.

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    Americans for Victory Over Terrorism (AVOT)

    AVOT – Statement of Principles

    1. America is now confronted with an enemy no less dangerous and no less determined than the twin menaces of fascism and communism we faced in the 20th century. And as we were victorious over them, so we must prevail in this, the first war of the 21st century. AVOT will, as its first task, remind citizens of the paramount importance of this effort.
    2. The radical Islamists who attacked us did so because of our democratic ideals, our belief in, and practice of, liberty and equality. AVOT will take to task those who blame America first and who do not understand-or who are unwilling to defend-our fundamental principles.
    3. America’s foreign policy should be guided by those same principles upon which America itself was founded. AVOT will call for a foreign policy that emphasizes democracy and human rights.
    4. In this war, our closest and most trusted allies must be our fellow democracies. AVOT will advocate steadfast support for our friends and oppose policies that place short-term “allies” above them.
    5. By President Bush’s declaration to Congress, America is at war with states that harbor terrorists or sponsor terrorism – in all its guises. AVOT will inform Americans about nations that pose a threat to us or that help those that threaten us.
    6. Because of the threat posed by radical Islamists and others, Americans will have to rethink many of their preconceptions about fighting terrorism. AVOT will defend policies that preserve civil liberties without sacrificing common sense and our common defense.
    7. The best defense is a good offense, and America must have a military capacity that enables us to defend ourselves while rooting out terrorists. AVOT will support an increased budget for the Department of Defense, research and deployment of a missile defense system, and an even more capable military.
    8. Improving our gathering and effective utilization of intelligence is a necessity. AVOT will support responsible efforts by our nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies to collect and utilize more – and more pertinent – information and to facilitate interagency communication.
    9. A necessary front in this war is the battle for international public opinion. AVOT will support radio, television, and other mass media patterned on Radio Free Europe to show how America has stood up for Muslims and other persecuted peoples throughout the years and to explain the virtues of democracy.
    10. Finally, we must understand our enemies better. AVOT will encourage scholarly research into various aspects of Islamic theology, history, and culture. AVOT will hold such scholarship to a serious and rigorous standard.
  2. shinichi Post author

    “Information War: American Propaganda, Free Speech, and Opinion Control Since 9/11” by Nancy Snow:

    The information war on opinion and free speech intensified with the creation of several post-9/11 nonprofit organizations. These included Americans for Victory Over Terrorism (AVOT), whose intention is to “take their task to those groups and individuals who fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the war we are facing.” Among those targeted by AVOT were Congressman Dennis Kucinich, chair of the Progressive Caucus and his cochair, Congresswoman Barbara Lee; Lewis Lapham, editor of Harper’s magazine; and Robert Kuttner, editor of The American Prospect. AVOT’s work followed from the work of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), which issued a November 2001 report, “Defending Civilization: How Our Universities are Failing America,” that condemned dissident anti-war language propagated by liberal professors on American college campuses. The co-founder of Empower America, one of the wealthiest of the right-wing Washington, D.C., think tanks and former Secretary of Education under President George Bush, Sr. (George 41) William Bennett, has said, “We do not wish to silence people, ” and added that AVOT plans to hold teach-ins and public education events, particularly on college campuses. Both organizations are united in their belief that the United States must retain its superpower empire for global goodness and redemption, keep military ethics and power the primary focus of the United States response to 9/11, and shout down the “morally coward liberals” on American university campuses and in Europe.


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