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  1. shinichi Post author

    (Boz Scaggs)/(Rita Coolidge)

    Outside the rain begins and it may never end
    So cry no more, on the shore of dreams
    Will take us out to sea
    Forever more, forever more

    Close your eyes and dream and you can be with me
    ‘Neath the waves through the caves of hours
    Long forgotten now
    We’re all alone, we’re all alone

    Close the window, calm the light
    And it will be all right
    No need to bother now
    Let it out. let it all begin

    Learn how to pretend

    Once a story’s told it can’t help but grow old
    Roses do, lovers too, so cast your seasons to the wind
    And hold me dear, oh hold me dear


    All’s forgotten now
    We’re all alone, we’re all alone


    Throw it to the wind, my love
    Hold me dear
    All’s forgotten now, my love
    We’re all alone

  2. shinichi Post author

    Boz Scabs

    Scaggs Vineyard

    In 1996 we moved to the hills above Napa Valley. We’d found a beautiful spot, virtually untouched, with a good well and the layered horizon of a Chinese landscape painting. We were planting fruit trees one day when a vineyardist friend stopped by and suggested we put in some grape vines he had on his truck, leftovers from another job. They were syrah cuttings that had come from Lee Hudson in Carneros. The idea of growing grapes in the Napa Valley didn’t seem too far fetched, but what transpired the following spring when those fledgling vines leafed out was unexpected —they took root in us as deeply as they had the hillside.

    We’d come to love the Rhone wines of France, particularly those of the Southern Rhone, and explored the possibility of planting more Rhone varietals on our hillside. Research indicated they’d be a good match for our climate and the soils in our hills, so in addition to the newly planted syrah, we chose mourvedre and grenache cuttings from Tablas Creek, whose clones came from the esteemed Beaucastel Vineyard in Chateaneuf-du-Pape. And we imbibed a good deal of the Beaucastel philosophy, too: minimal intervention in winemaking to allow for maximum expression of terroir, that evocative French concept whose meaning encompasses the earth, air, water and soul of a place. From the start we were committed to sustainable farming practices– our steep hillsides and narrow vine rows committed us to farming by hand—and under the guidance of Bob Schaeffer, co-founder of Soil Culture Consulting, the vineyard was certified organic by California’s CCOF in 2006.

    We made our first wine in 2000 and have experimented over the years, testing techniques and blends, learning more about our grapes, our soil, our preferences. Each harvest has a story to tell, to be continued.

    Boz and Dominique Scaggs


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