Captain Grace M. Hopper

In 1945, while working in a World War I vintage non-air-conditioned building on a hot, humid summer day, the computer stopped. We searched for the problem and found a failing relay — one of the big signal relays. Inside, we found a moth that had been beaten to death. We pulled it out with tweezers and taped it to the log book. From then on, when the officer came in to ask if we were accomplishing anything, we told him we were ‘debugging’ the computer.

Right now we’re in the business of collecting information. No one has really analyzed the total flow of information. What is most important? Is it Joe’s two hours of overtime, or is it a nuclear power plant that might blow up if we don’t change a valve setting? We have not correctly addressed that.

We haven’t researched the value of information or the cost of incorrect information—or even which information gets priority. It is my experience that the senior squeaking wheel gets the top priority.

2 thoughts on “Captain Grace M. Hopper

  1. Anonymous

    >Why the sea horribly bloody?
    possibly contaminated? worser than frozen?
    why wake us up?
    admitted guilt and accept the sentence of forever silent and sleeping from loving God is not enough?
    has to be the sentence in death like the moth from computer?
    wake up feeling of poisoned, gasp for air, oxygen…

    thinking once(selfish feelings), about cycles of life and energy flow, nutrient-rich, clear tropical ocean, abound life… mermaids, dragons, whales, sharks to krills, all life depends on organisms that harness energy from each other, from chemicals and the Sun, the entire community of life in ecosystem…
    (Maybe better) to destroy with a single touch of button – the blow up of nuclear power plant.

    Are human being the worst animal?
    where have left our senior's compassion?
    Our senior with squeaking wheel always get the top priority.
    they are the leaders of this world,
    their passion rusty, love empty,
    they think for their own benefits,
    The world is in their hands.

    Contrary, the junior, the new born, their imagination, false hope, love, youth all those beautiful good quality things were too soft, delicate, easily dissolves, float with water, it has no shape, no firm ground, act beyond self needs, no self defense, too sensitive in feelings, they never want hurt their loved one, ones loved one loves.
    they too easy to give in when threated or be fooled by their blind love
    their weakness their fate.


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