>Shannon Peck

>I have seen Love heal a young man in his thirties who was dying of a hemorrhaging liver, where the doctors said his liver was the equivalent of an eighty year old alcoholic and they gave him no chance of survival.

I have seen Love heal extreme crippling in a woman who had not noticed the toll many years of quiet marital abuse had taken on her. She was deemed incurable. And I have seen the many hundreds of times people have suffered from congestions, heart problems, infections, injuries, pains, aches, inflammations, swellings, as well as diseases. There is no limit to what and how Love heals us.

Love also heals all that our hearts are breaking from, including old hurts and wounds from ways we were treated, abuse, regrets, fears, dreads, burdens, guilt, anger, shame, grief, and so many other afflictions we suffer from – whether life-long habits or one-time incidents, whether hidden from us or blatantly known by us.

I have seen people in desperate situations from financial crises, family relationship crises, and health crises (acute and chronic) all healed. Some of these were quick healings. Some took months and even years.

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