Online Publishers Association

(We would like to get a sense of how your organization defined native advertising …)

  • 93%: Integration into the design of the publisher’s site andlives on the same domain
  • 86%: Content either provided by, produced in conjunctionwith or created on behalf of our advertisers that runswithin the editorial stream
  • 79%: Clear delineation and labeling as advertising content

Best practices for native advertising include:

  • Transparence: native advertising assets should be clearly labelled
  • Discoverability: native should be discoverable as any other content
  • Value: native advertising should provide the same value as any other content

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  1. shinichi Post author


    People spend their money and energies for better sales and brand management …

    Nothing is wrong about that, but みんな、なにか大事なことを忘れているような気がする。。。


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