Anil Dash

The key traits of a cloudtop app are:

  • The app is designed with the assumption that you work and live across multiple devices, with broadly varying capabilities.
  • While the app performs synchronization tasks, there’s no “synching” action, its handles that function (often alongside version control and conflict resolution) automatically.
  • Cloudtop apps are delivered as native code on nearly every supported platform, from desktop computers to smart phones, with an interface that scales appropriately.
  • While the app may have a web interface, that’s largely a convenience and is not usually the primary way in which you interact with the app.
  • These apps often adopt a freemium model, with payment introduced in a very obvious way based on usage.
  • Though they have native first-party clients, APIs allow for the app to become a platform for other developers, as with the Elements text editor or AirDropper uploads for Dropbox, or any of the apps listed in the Evernote Trunk directory.

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