Splunk Enterprise collects, indexes and harnesses all of the fast-moving machine data generated by your applications, servers and devices—physical, virtual and in the cloud.
Your data contains a definitive record of your user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior and fraudulent activity, information that is essential for managing, securing and auditing your environment – whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. This data also enables you to gain end-to-end visibility and insights on to how to better run IT and the business. Start by using Splunk to address one specific solution area. Then leverage Splunk and your machine data to solve other pressing problems over time.
Almost half of the Fortune 100 and more than 3,200 enterprises, service providers and government organizations in more than 75 countries. Troubleshoot application problems and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, monitor and alert to avoid service degradation or outages and deliver compliance at lower cost. With Splunk organizations are far more effective—all with far higher productivity, lower costs and with new insights that contribute to both the top line and bottom line.

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