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    Lena Dissin, Acting Director, United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services


    Lena Dissin joined the Office of the UN Ombudsman and Mediation Services as Acting Director on 1 March 2014.

    A national of Sweden, Ms. Dissin has over 30 years of work experience in the UN, covering diverse areas such as public information and communication, political affairs, protocol, management reform, and administration of justice.

    Ms. Dissin served as Senior Coordinator for Administration of Justice, leading the efforts to introduce the new system of administration of justice in the UN which began in July 2009. This entailed shepherding the proposals through the Fifth Committee, while also coordinating among all the stakeholders the various elements that had to be put in place for the new system to become operational. She has also worked in the Office of the Under-Secretary-General in the Department of Management, where she focused on management reform, communication and staff-management relations.

    Ms. Dissin began her UN career as a guide, conducting tours of the UN complex in four languages. After passing the G-to-P examination in 1985, she was promoted to the professional category and worked in several positions in the Department of Public Information, including returning to the UN Guided Tours operation as Chief, and also in the Information Centres Services. Additionally, she served for nearly a decade in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General; initially as Special Assistant to the UN’s first Deputy Secretary-General, Louise Fréchette, then as Deputy Chief of Scheduling for the Secretary-General, and finally as Chief of Office for the Chef de Cabinet in 2006.

    Most recently Ms. Dissin was Deputy Director in the Outreach Division, DPI, an area of work that entailed administration and management as well as dealing with areas such as the UN Library, publications, advocacy efforts and services to visitors.


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