Ravi Somaiya, Alan Cowell

Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper subsidiary reached a new batch of settlements in the hacking scandal that has convulsed parts of the British press, police and political establishment, according to lawyers.
… Mr. Murdoch’s media empire agreed to pay substantial damages to several dozen high-profile victims of phone and e-mail hacking, and lawyers for those victims said they had seen documents showing that senior managers not only knew about the practice but also lied about it and destroyed evidence as part of a cover-up. …
… The settlements disclosed last month included those of the actor Jude Law, who received about $200,000; Sadie Frost, his ex-wife, who received $77,000; Ben Jackson, his assistant, who received $61,000; Gavin Henson, a Welsh rugby star, who also received $61,000; and Denis MacShane, a member of Parliament, who received $50,000.
It was unclear how much the Murdoch businesses will end up having to pay after all the cases are settled.
According to the police, there may be as many as 800 victims.

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