JM Kambic, SP Liles

The revelation of long-standing espionage operations by state actors against private entities over the past decade speaks to an application of cyber capabilities that shifts the focus from direct and ancillary use in high-intensity confrontations to indirect supply chain attacks and economic warfare. By observing recent cyber-related events within the oil and gas industries, conclusions can be drawn on emerging patterns of attack and the increasing role of non-state actors in geopolitical conflicts proliferated by the growing weight of information as a means of expressing power.

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  1. shinichi Post author


    国家 対 国家 という単純な図式が崩れ、国家 対 企業 とか 国家 対 個人 というような戦いになると、国家は敵国の企業や個人だけではなく、自国の企業や個人にさえ凶暴な牙をむき出しにする。




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