U.S. Army War College


  1. The physical dimension is the tangible real world. It is the dimension where military operations take place within the land, sea, air, and space environments. Information and communications systems exist within this dimension to enable these operations to take place.
  2. The information dimension is where information is created, manipulated, shared, and stored. This dimension links the physical real world with the human consciousness of the cognitive dimension both as a source of input (stimulus, senses, etc.) and to convey output (intent, direction, decisions, etc.).
  3. The cognitive dimension exists in the mind. Here is where the individual processes the received information according to a unique set of norms, morals, beliefs, culture, and values. These attributes act as a human perception window to filter the information and provide a sense of meaning and context.
  4. Not shown in the figure is a social dimension which links the individual to others forming a greater social network. This social network plays a critical role in the human decision-making process as well.

Information Operations can now be depicted as attempting to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp adversarial human or automated decision-making while protecting friendly decision-making.

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  1. shinichi Post author


    上記の図が描かれた8年前にはあくまでも補助的な役割しか期待されていなかった ICT が、いつのまにか主役の座に就いてしまった。たった8年のあいだに、なにもかもが変わってしまったのだ。

    ICT そのものが兵器となることを予想した人は、ほとんどいなかった。今から数年後、デシジョン・メーキングが ICT によってなされるようになった時、Information Operations はまったく違ったものになる。



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