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10000menGwyneth Montenegro and the title 10,000 Men and Counting is no longer represented by Unique Media PR. After a meeting with the manager of Unique Media PR it was agreed by Unique Media PR and parties representing the Gwyneth Montenegro brand that current arrangements were not sustainable and an amicable separation of services was agreed upon. We at Gwyneth Montenegro International Pty Ltd wish Unique Media PR every success with their ongoing ventures. With this in mind we ask that press representitives please take the time to make sure that your contact details with Gwyneth Montenegro match those shown below. Our in-house media relations team are well equiped to handle your enquiry rapidly and, if needed, can supply an appropriate interview time-slot and media to suit most requirements.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    ‘I’m ready for love’: Former escort turned ‘girl next door’ who slept with 10,000 men is ready to settle down


    ・ Former elite escort Gwyneth Montenegro has slept with exactly 10,091 men

    ・ At the height of her career, she was charging $500 to $1,000 an hour

    ・ She spent 12 years in the sex industry before retiring three years ago

    ・ After years of avoiding relationships – Melbourne resident is ready for love

    ・ After last story with Daily Mail Australia she received 80 marriage offers

    ・ Hollywood producer is also interested in the 36-year-old’s former life


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