Lewis A Coser

Early in June 1920, Weber developed a high fever, and at first it was thought that he suffered from the flu. The illness was later diagnosed as pneumonia, but it was too late. He died on June 14th.
The last fevered words of the man whose physical appearance was once compared by a contemporary to that of Albrecht Durer’s gaunt knights, were: “The Truth is the Truth.” Weber indeed had much in common with those Germanic cultural heroes who battled for what they considered justice and truth, unconcerned with what lesser souls might consider the demands of expediency. He was a man in the tradition of Luther’s “Here I stand, I can do no other,” even though at times it would almost appear to his contemporaries that he had more in common with Don Quixote.
In all circumstances Weber remained fiercely independent in his political stand, refusing to bend to any ideological line.

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