Global Communications Support for Malala Yousafzai & Family / Edelman London
Client: Malala Yousafzai and her family.
Our charge: Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani campaigner for girls’ rights who was shot by the Taliban, is supported by Edelman London on a pro bono basis.
92YOur response: Edelman London has been working with Malala and her family in dealing with the global media interest in her story. Edelman provides strategic communications counsel, engages with global media on behalf of the family, and operates the family’s press office function. In addition, Edelman helps the family manage their engagement with the wide range of global organizations trying to contact her; in particular the huge numbers of groups seeking to give her awards or honors. We liaise with the awarding organizations, manage logistical issues and help to create appropriate photographic and video content for the awards ceremonies, which Malala is unable to attend in person.

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    We Work With Clients to Address Global Challenges



    We Work With Clients to Address Global Challenges

    As a professional services firm, some of our greatest positive impacts on society are achieved through the work we do in collaboration with our clients. By partnering with them to promote campaigns that improve or safeguard health, use natural resources responsibly or support education, we play an important role in helping them build healthier communities, support economic development and improve quality of life for people throughout the world.

    Clients Care About Our Citizenship

    During 2013, we saw an increase in the number of requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for qualifications (RFQs) asking for information about Edelman’s citizenship performance. We received and addressed 385 questions in four categories important to our clients: Labor, Health & Safety, Environment and Business.

    “Edelman’s focus on citizenship is helpful in reminding me of the power of advocates—giving supporters the tools to tell a story and make a difference is vital for the non-profits I work with and for my clients.”
    – Matt Coldagelli, senior account supervisor, Chicago, Illinois

    During the year, we worked side by side with clients in many parts of the world to advance programs that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

    Edelman Voices – Helping Our Clients Create License to Lead

    Q: What is Edelman’s role in helping clients earn their license to lead through authentic engagement with society?

    A: “We live in a reset world, where business and society must partner for mutual benefit. Engagement on societal issues is no longer a ‘nice to do’ but a ‘have to do.’ At Edelman, we help a broad range of world-class clients evolve this critical business strategy to innovate social issues and engage their constituents in change that lead to business and societal impacts that are as aligned as possible. We can serve as a guide to help our clients deepen their positive impacts, using a thoughtful and strategic approach. For our clients, as for us, it is truly a journey. It takes time. But the rewards are worth it.”

    – Carol Cone, Global Practice Chair, Edelman Business + Social Purpose

    Our Work in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

    Brand Workshop with Taiwan Design Center / Edelman Taiwan

    Client: Taiwan Design Center

    Our charge: In May 2013, Edelman Taiwan was invited to attend two brand workshops organized by the Taiwan Design Center, a government entity that supports branding, to assist small and medium sized enterprises in improving their brand image.

    Our response: Edelman was responsible for branding and marketing, and interacted with more than 40 local companies in two days. The companies’ activities covered the food, hospitality, retail and electronics industries.

    BMW China Culture Journey / Edelman China

    Client: BMW China and BMW Brilliance

    Our charge: The annual BMW China Culture Journey, which was launched in 2007, aims to visit, protect, and promote local culture. BMW wanted to help align ancient culture and modern life; demonstrate BMW’s commitment to become deeply rooted in Chinese culture; shorten the distance between BMW and the Chinese customer; improve the cultural connotation of the BMW brand; and promote cultural exchanges among regions, nationalities, and social groups.

    Our Response: Edelman China has helped the Culture Journey explore China’s six major cultural ecological protection experimental zones as well as more than 150 cultural heritages. The overall journeys exceeded 14,000 kilometers, and BMW has donated approximately U.S. $1 million to 58 heritage projects in urgent need of protection. As a successful model of business participation in cultural heritage protection, BMW’s Culture Journey has been included in China Cultural Heritage Day for five consecutive years. Over the years, Edelman has supported a wide variety of Culture Journey communications in many areas.

    Celebrating Jump Rope for Hearts 30th Anniversary / Edelman Sydney

    Client: The National Heart Foundation of Australia

    Our charge: The National Heart Foundation of Australia engaged Edelman Sydney to develop and execute a public relations campaign to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jump Rope for Heart. The main objective of the campaign was to re-engage Australians with the Heart Foundation to build interest in the core platform of heart health and cardiovascular risk as a leading cause of death in the country.

    Our response: The Edelman team leveraged the nostalgia of Jump Rope for Heart through consumer media channels to celebrate the ongoing, long-term work of the Heart Foundation, while introducing and reintroducing the Foundation to new and old audiences. Edelman Sydney created a campaign that encouraged previous participants to “take a skip down memory lane” and share their memories, photos, or videos with the Heart Foundation’s social media embassies. Edelman also developed a media strategy that encompassed outreach to consumer targets, including consumer magazines, print, online, photo galleries, television, radio, and social media targets. The campaign achieved in excess of 147 pieces of coverage, reaching an audience of more than 23 million.

    Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Prevention and Cure Summit for Cerebral Palsy / Edelman Sydney

    Client: Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    Our charge: The Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) engaged Edelman to profile in Australian media the leading research presented at the Prevention and Cure Summit for Cerebral Palsy, held in May 2013 in the U.S. Edelman was charged with positioning CPA as one of the instigators of worldwide collaboration in the cerebral palsy research space, as well as highlighting the generosity of one of its key sponsors, The Balnaves Foundation.

    Our response: Edelman supported the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) in promoting key research presented at the Prevention and Cure Summit for Cerebral Palsy, held on 8-9 May 2013 at the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S. In collaboration with CPA, Edelman undertook a media outreach program targeting consumer health and health trade media, securing 11 radio interviews for one of the key Australian researchers, as well as multiple healthcare trade media articles.

    The Power of a Child’s Voice / Edelman Australia

    Client: ChildFund Australia

    Our charge: Edelman Australia set out to help child focused agency, ChildFund, publicize the results of one of the largest global surveys of children—Small Voices Big Dreams. We were tasked to inform the public about issues of importance to children and to help paint a picture of what life is like for children in developing countries.
    Our response: Edelman developed a robust media campaign to highlight the differences and similarities experienced during childhood among children from all over the globe. The team worked on analysing the research results, as well as creating media materials and developing social media content. The campaign results led to front page coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald and across other major metro print and radio news publications.

    Crystallizing a Japanese Giant’s Sustainability Efforts / Edelman Japan

    Client: Kao

    Our charge: Realign Kao’s sustainability messaging to help it resound with global stakeholders.

    Our response: Edelman leveraged its world-class Business and Social Purpose expertise in Chicago and its intrinsic understanding of local companies in Tokyo to crystallize Kao’s sustainability positioning. Using the Master Narrative process to help identify Kao’s key sustainability areas, Edelman suggested the Three C’s – Conservation, Community and Culture – to reflect Kao’s commitment to the environment, local and global communities, and its employees. Edelman then used this framework to craft a Sustainability Statement that articulates Kao’s view of sustainability and what it expects of itself, its employees, partners and how it will work with communities it operates in. The positioning is now being rolled out to global markets and Edelman is consulting on how to articulate it through social purpose activities.

    A Fresh Perspective on Child Sponsorship / Edelman Australia

    Client: ChildFund Australia

    Our charge: Make influencers, media and the public aware of the positive impacts of child sponsorship and how it makes a real difference to those less fortunate.

    Our response: Edelman implemented new media strategies to highlight the announcement of Master Chef extraordinaire, Julie Goodwin, as ChildFund Australia’s 2013 ambassador and to raise awareness of the benefits of child sponsorship. Edelman was licensed to collaboratively plan ChildFund’s first blogger event, leveraging Julie’s positive and strong media profile to raise awareness about child sponsorship.

    The influencers invited to the event had the opportunity to interact with Julie, as well as ChildFund employees to learn about the benefits of sponsoring a child. The event resulted in coverage in highly influential parenting media including Mamamia, Essential Baby and Woogs World. Edelman also delivered national coverage for Julie Goodwin across TV and radio, including a three-minute segment on Channel 9, Today Show. This coverage highlighted the benefits of child sponsorship through ChildFund.

    Edelman offers insights into Sustainability Integration / Edelman Hong Kong

    Client: Climate Change Business Forum

    Our charge: Provide insights into how sustainability professionals can become change agents by comparing the reality of the sustainability function and the potential for improvement in Hong Kong companies.

    Our response: Edelman Hong Kong worked with the Climate Change Business Forum on a pro bono basis to compare the reality and the potential of sustainability functions within Hong Kong companies.

    Edelman leveraged CCBF’s network of leading Hong Kong companies to issue a white paper. This was supported by hosting workshops to frame the issues relating to the sustainability function, and gather insights into the views of sustainability professionals based in Hong Kong. A diagnostic tool was also created to help identify how they currently implement sustainability practices, and prioritize areas of focus for sustainability-led change.

    In April 2013, the white paper was launched and a Sustainability Professional’s Action Group was formed. In June, Edelman hosted a Communications and Influencing Skills Seminar. Implementing sustainability is a difficult task, however when successfully accomplished it can transform a business, making a company more responsive to stakeholders and more enduringly competitive in the marketplace. This work has the potential to change the way businesses view sustainability in Hong Kong, and Edelman is leading the research of sustainable practices.

    Beat the Banana Run Raises Awareness for Cancer Research / Edelman Hong Kong

    Client: Wellcome

    Our charge: Edelman Hong Kong is working to implement a series of media activities to raise public awareness of Wellcome’s event and provide opportunities for Wellcome to discuss objectives and key messages of the event.

    Our response: Edelman Hong Kong teamed up with Wellcome to raise awareness for the 8th annual “beat the banana” fun run. Organized by the World Cancer Research Fund, the event is held to raise awareness that most incidences of cancer can be avoided by changes to peoples’ lifestyles, and to provide community support.

    Edelman provided pre- and post-event services, along with event management on the day and a school outreach program. A group of eight Edelman employees, including a father and son team, participated in the races and raised funds that were donated to the cause. A total of 91 pieces of media coverage were attained. This year’s event saw a record number of participants, due to the addition of a 1km kid’s race, with a 60 percent increase in participation. A record HK$1.7 million (US$ 219,000) was raised for the World Cancer Research Fund, a result of private donations and the initiative of Wellcome. Wellcome, the largest and most recognized chain of supermarkets in Hong Kong, has sponsored the event for two years.

    Edelman Teams up with The Economist Intelligence Unit to Feed the World / Edelman Hong Kong

    Client: Economist Intelligence Unit

    Our charge: Edelman is working pro bono as the official PR agency for the Feed the World Conference held in Hong Kong.

    Our response: Edelman provided pre- and post- media support to the Economist Information Unit as well as event day support in order to publicize a conference being held to discuss issues relating to food security. Industry leaders, Government ministers, donors, aid agencies and representatives of the research community gathered to collaborate to deliver improved nutrition and sustainable agricultural markets. The conference looked into the causes of slow agricultural growth in recent years and challenges that face sustainable growth of the agricultural sector, such as water shortages and climate change. The summit also gathered discussions around how land reform can become part of the process to improve agriculture and the potential effect technological change will have on food supply. Given supply and demand challenges, agricultural supply can be sustainable within the next 20 years with improved technologies and solutions.

    Enhancing the Work-Life Balance for Mothers and their Families / Edelman Japan

    Client: Tetra Pak Japan

    Our charge: To develop a CSR program to bring Tetra Pak Japan closer to its consumers, while reaching B2B customers and building a broader awareness of the brand.

    Our response: Tetra Pak Japan wanted to aim higher and develop a CSR program that would have a longer lasting effect on children and their families. Through extensive research regarding the Japanese environment, Edelman found that women’s social and economic position is still very low, despite the country being ranked third in gross domestic product. This research result was one of the key factors after many discussions, for Tetra Pak to develop a CSR program that directly involved mothers along with their children. In 2012, two programs were launched: one promoting a healthy lifestyle for children (to tackle the decrease of physically active children) called the “Waku Waku Challenge Project”, and the other promoting children’s independence through a cooking class called “Kids i-cooking”. A total of 27 events were held (and planned) in the latter of 2012. Nearly 3,500 mothers and children participated in these events, and less than 50 percent of them had knowledge of Tetra Pak as a company and its purposes. However, the post-event survey revealed that 89 percent of the participants were better educated about Tetra Pak, with a 94 percent satisfaction rate, stating that they would like to take part in these events again.

    Creating a Smoke-Free Future for Workplaces in China and the United States / Edelman China and Edelman United States

    Client: The China-United States Partnership on Smoke-free Workplaces

    Our Charge: Help engage key stakeholders to develop an effective public-private partnership on smoke-free workplaces and raise awareness about the need to expand smoke-free worksites in China and the United States.

    Our Response: Edelman helped recruit influential companies from China and the U.S. to join the non-profit partnership or to publically endorse it. Leveraging a joint statement issued by China’s Ministry of Health (now the National Health and Family Planning Commission) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Edelman also helped launch the partnership by conducting Chinese-language media relations and by providing on-the-ground support for the official launch event. The announcement resulted in 62 American and Chinese companies endorsing the partnership; 200 guests from media, government, corporations and health-related bodies in attendance at the launch; and 100 key stakeholders attending a roundtable session on the partnership. The launch event was also live-webcasted and generated 50 media placements in China, including in The Global Times.

    Leveraging Content and Storytelling for Improved Education in Cambodia / Edelman Sydney

    Client: SeeBeyondBorders

    Our charge: SeeBeyondBorders is a non-profit organization that provides Cambodian children access to quality learning at school. Edelman worked to help SeeBeyondBorders raise their profile and engage donors and sustainable funding partners to continue to improve the quality of education for Cambodian children. Ultimately, the program aims to alleviate poverty through education.

    Our response: Edelman leveraged in-house expertise to help SeeBeyondBorders build a creative and compelling narrative to engage prospective donors via social media and video. First, Edelman conducted an audit of existing digital content, redesigned the organization’s YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn banners, and made recommendations for updating their social media assets with highly engaging visuals. Edelman will also design a Facebook tab that highlights the work of SeeBeyondBorders and features a new video. Intended as a first touch point for potential funding partners, donors and volunteers, the video will demonstrate the need and how donors and volunteers can make a sustainable difference.

    Edelman also provided SeeBeyondBorders with presentation training to help them deliver even more effective pitches for prospective funding partners and donors. Over the next few months, we will also provide content capture training for SeeBeyondBorders to make sure volunteers have the necessary knowledge and resources to create meaningful content and continue engaging citizens.

    Campaign Against Bonded Labor In India / Edelman Delhi

    Client: International Justice Mission

    Our charge: Identify and sensitize important stakeholders on the issue of bonded labor, conceptualizing the campaign and supporting its launch among media and stakeholders.

    Our response: Edelman supported the launch of “Bandhua 1947,” an advocacy campaign to bring the issue of bonded labor to the forefront of public consciousness and spread awareness about the plight of the victims. The campaign was created to lend a distinct identity to a consortium of human rights NGOs working on the issue. It successfully launched in the presence of policymakers, key influencers and civil society, reaching out to more than 15 million users through Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page saw added more than 6,500 new fans in less than a month. Among the prominent influencers and decision makers who supported the campaign were Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development and one of India’s most influential tweeters, who tweeted more than once in support of the campaign.

    Creating Awareness about Cleft Lip in India / Edelman India

    Client: Smile Train

    Our charge: Develop a communications campaign that leverages Smile Train’s charity partnership with Wimbledon and raises awareness about Smile Train and cleft lip.

    Our response: Edelman developed an integrated communication and outreach program to engage diverse stakeholders, including the political community, media and online influencers. We helped created buzz before, during and after Wimbledon through sustained media coverage for Pinki Sonkar’s appearance to toss the coin at the Gentlemen’s Singles Final at Wimbledon 2013. Edelman’s team reached out to key policymakers and politicians to garner support for the cause and for conducting cleft lip surgery in their respective constituencies. A total of 288 media impressions were generated across print, broadcast and online outlets. The social media campaign reached out to approximately 150,000 twitter accounts and 25 influencers. Coverage generated by Edelman included articles in The Times of India, The Indian Express and The Hindu, as well as a feature on CNN-IBN.

    Our Work in Latin America

    Supporting Education and Educators / Edelman Significa

    Client: Instituto Claro

    Our Charge: Claro Institute works to improve the quality of education in Brazil by promoting educator training in the appropriate use of information and communication technologies and by encouraging social entrepreneurship. Edelman Significa is charged with supporting Claro Institute through a multidisciplinary approach that integrates brand attitude, communication and digital presence.

    Our Response: The team provides content making interviews, reports and infographics to the Institute’s website and social networks, where trends in education and technology, as well as projects led by the Institute are covered. So far, the site has reached about 500 000 people. Over 1,000 articles and blog posts have been produced, and content has become reference material for education, technology and entrepreneurship. Edelman has also taken part in shaping important projects of the Institute — such as the Campus Mobile — the development of apps focused on entrepreneurship and social technologies and the organization of an Open Call to finance projects in social and cultural areas.

    Alleviating Hunger and Poverty / Edelman São Paulo

    Client: UNAS (União de Núcleos Associação e Sociedades dos Moradores de Heliópolis e São João Clímaco)

    Our Charge: UNAS is a local organization that has been working for more than 30 years to alleviate the burden of hunger and poverty in the district of Heliopolis in São Paulo. Edelman Significa has partnered with them since 2012, to help them eliminate hunger and poverty.

    Our Response: Edelman has designed a full communication strategy for the organization, starting with an update of its positioning, identifying key stakeholders and determining communication goals for each, and culminating with the creation of guidelines for communications pieces. The next step is support for implementation.

    Dress for Success to Empower Women in Vulnerable Situations / Edelman Mexico

    Client: Dress for Success

    Our charge: Dress for Success is an international association that promotes women’s economic independence, especially for those in a vulnerable/disadvantage situation, and was in need of additional visibility to attract more donors and support its mission.

    Our response: Edelman Mexico has helped the founder attract more benefactor companies to support the association’s activities and coordinates media interviews to promote its mission.

    Support for Milagros Caninos in Mexico / Edelman Mexico

    Client: Milagros Caninos

    Our charge: Milagros Caninos is one of the only shelters in the world set up to treat and care for mistreated, abused or even tortured dogs. The organization needs additional visibility for its mission.

    Our response: Through our relationship with Nestlé, the organization’s founder approached Edelman to request support for fundraising and obtaining corporate sponsorships. The Shelter is the home to one of the most famous dogs in the World, “Lemon Pie,” a double amputee. Lemon Pie has been featured in numerous TV, radio and online media outlets around the world, including CNN and Oprah Winfrey. The foundation already has a major following (45,000 followers on Facebook) and includes many celebrities. Edelman’s role includes generating digital buzz, helping the organization set up traditional media interviews and promoting visits to the shelter as well as cash and product donations.

    Our Work in Europe

    Global Communications Support for Malala Yousafzai & Family / Edelman London
    Client: Malala Yousafzai and her family.
    Our charge: Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani campaigner for girls’ rights who was shot by the Taliban, is supported by Edelman London on a pro bono basis.
    Our response: Edelman London has been working with Malala and her family in dealing with the global media interest in her story. Edelman provides strategic communications counsel, engages with global media on behalf of the family, and operates the family’s press office function. In addition, Edelman helps the family manage their engagement with the wide range of global organizations trying to contact her; in particular the huge numbers of groups seeking to give her awards or honors. We liaise with the awarding organizations, manage logistical issues and help to create appropriate photographic and video content for the awards ceremonies, which Malala is unable to attend in person.

    Media Support for the Paralympics / Edelman Berlin

    Client: Paralympics 2012

    Our charge: This year, Edelman Berlin offered support to people with disabilities through the launch of Leidmien.de, a website developed for the 2012 Paralympics. In order to create a successful media launch, Edelman Berlin competed to find the most creative and innovative ideas in order to generate awareness and buzz for the Paralympics 2012.

    Our response: Edelman succeeded in designing a concept for the event and putting together relevant mailing lists, which were then provided to the creators of Leidmedien.de. A cover letter, e-cards and a profound press mailing list were established in order to successfully approach the media. The launch of Leidmedien.de led to a significant increase in media coverage, as well as generated awareness for the event.

    Fighting Poverty through Communications / Edelman France

    Client: Emmaus

    Our charge: Emmaus is a charitable organization that fights poverty and related suffering. Edelman France offered support through communications and public affairs work.

    Our response: In collaboration with Emmaus, we were able to influence the agenda of last year’s Presidential debates, ensuring that the fight against poverty was an important topic for the candidates. Edelman also helped Emmaus continue this momentum in the first key months of the Hollande Presidency.

    Launching the New Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines / Edelman Paris

    Client: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    Our charge: Edelman’s Business + Social Purpose practice offered pro bono support to GRI and their efforts to revise their strategic positioning, launch their new G4 reporting standard, and prepare for their biannual global conference in Amsterdam.

    Our response: Edelman Paris, in collaboration with Edelman Amsterdam, provided strategic communications support to GRI and was the official communications partner of the GRI conference. This conference drew more than 1,600 sustainability leaders and practitioners and more than 40 journalists to Amsterdam.

    Support to Local Children’s Hospice / Edelman Munich

    Client: Mobile Children’s Hospice Munich

    Our charge: Elevate the organization’s visibility.

    Our response: Edelman Munich has been supporting AKM (Mobile Children’s Hospice Munich) with their expertise for the last two years. This year’s support included various communicative activities: Edelman invited media to the inaugural visit of AKM’s new patron, Minister of State in Bavaria. Also, AKM could secure a new ambassador, German actor Günther Maria Halmer, who was also presented to the public. Further support included the communication around Christine Bronner, founder of AKM, being awarded the Prix Courage as well as ongoing counsel on possible PR and social media activities.

    Delivering Europe’s Energy Transition / Edelman Brussels

    Client: WWF

    Our charge: WWF’s goal was to meet policy-makers and business leaders in order to help all stakeholders reflect on different strategies to undertake Europe’s energy transition.

    Our Response: Edelman Brussels organized two round tables to debate climate and energy policy. The discussions identified how different considerations of economic competitiveness have influenced the formulation of proposals made thus far. In particular, participants considered the question of whether there is a trade-off between competition driven by innovation in renewables, and competitiveness driven by low-cost fossil fuel energy. The roundtables helped outline which players favor what strategies to maximize synergies between affordability, security and sustainability of renewable energy. After initial presentations by senior speakers, including leaders from London School of Economics, Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and Imperial College London, policymakers and business leaders from the energy sector and energy-intensive industries contributed to the debates.

    Commitment to the Worker’s Welfare Organization / Edelman Frankfurt

    Client: Worker’s Welfare Organization

    Our charge: Edelman Frankfurt committed to a long-term pro bono partnership that resulted in several skilled work projects during the past year. The projects were mostly targeted at the NGO partners, but also the organization itself.

    Our response: In numerous working sessions, a group of Edelman PR professionals reviewed the NGO’s existing PR materials and created a presentation that helped to find fundraising partners. Edelman Frankfurt also hosted a workshop, which included school students in the neighborhood that installed pupil arbitrators for disputes. The aim of the workshop was to develop an internal communications plan for the school in order to raise awareness for the arbitrator program and improve the image of the arbitrators. As a result, they planned and created three large posters that will be placed on school grounds.

    “Is Meat Consumption Still Acceptable Today?” / Edelman Frankfurt

    Client: German Poultry Association

    Our charge: Criticism of the poultry sector has reached all-time highs in Germany, focusing on issues such as animal welfare or antibiotic treatment and product safety. Edelman set out to raise awareness for the positive performance of the German poultry industry. This industry applies the highest quality standards and consistently delivers a prime product – healthy, safe and produced in a sustainable way.

    Our response: Edelman Frankfurt worked to steer the emotional debate to a fact-based and objective level. We set up an integrated communications campaign through a multi-stakeholder dialogue on the question, “Is meat consumption still acceptable today?” The event aimed to initiate a meaningful and personal dialogue between the industry and its key stakeholders. A well-known German philosopher opened the event with a keynote speech on the ethics and moral of food. This was followed by an interactive panel discussion with key representatives of all stakeholder groups—politicians, animal protection activists, journalists, scientists, vegans—and a Q & A session. The event was summarized visually by Edelman STUDIOS in order to share key messages and results of the discussion with a broader group of stakeholders. The overarching communications strategy is based on the online consumer campaign “10 theses on poultry farming in Germany,” including political events, advertorial supplements in retail magazines, media relations and more.

    Celebrating International Women’s Day / Edelman Italy

    Client: Italian Alliance Against Ovarian Cancer (ACTO)

    Our charge: Edelman Italy celebrated International Women’s Day in support of the Italian Alliance Against Ovarian Cancer (ACTO). Edelman Italy set out to generate awareness of this event through social media outlets.

    Our response: A Fundraising Plan was created, providing ACTO with ideas and suggestions on various online and offline events for fundraising purposes. Furthermore, Edelman Italy analyzed the association’s website and developed a project to make it more user-friendly, effective and engaging and developed a Digital Engagement Plan to help ACTO with its social network communication on Facebook and YouTube. On International Women’s Day, the Edelman team created a dedicated card for the NGO’s Facebook page with the call-to-action: “March 8th. Together we are Stronger.” Finally, Edelman uploaded a video of the women’s testimonials onto the Association website and social media channels on World Ovarian Cancer Day. As a result, the video was displayed at the European Oncology Institute in Milan, opening the event organized by the association.

    Join the Stream / Edelman Italy

    Client: Sodastream

    Our charge: Edelman Italy was charged with helping Sodastream and their mission to engage citizens in actively contributing to keep Italian shores clean.

    Our response: Edelman Italy helped Sodastream in organizing a call to action for Italian consumers. Through a Facebook app, Italians were invited to vote a place in the country that needed to be cleaned from plastic bottles. The three most voted places have now been cleaned by Sodastream, together with the TV presenter Paola Maugeri.

    Melanoma Foundation 2013 Calendar / Edelman Italy

    Client: Roche

    Our charge: Edelman Italy collaborated with Roche to help raise awareness about melanoma.

    Our response: Edelman helped Fondazione Melanoma (an NGO committed to raising public awareness and supporting patients on skin cancer) to create with Roche support the “Melanoma Calendar 2013.” This calendar included photos of famous comedians from the popular Italian television series “Made in Sud.” The calendar includes simple explanations of melanoma to mark the “Time of Prevention” in 2013. After a press conference, calendars were distributed to schools, in hospitals and attached to a consumer media outlet.

    Celebrating the Federation of Polish Food Banks’ 15th Anniversary / Edelman Poland

    Client: The Federation of Polish Food Banks

    Our charge: In honor of the organization’s milestone anniversary, Edelman Poland offered public relations support to create strategy for the event and provided communication training to underline key messages of the brand in all materials for the event.

    Our response: Edelman Poland was an active participant in the planning and preparation strategy for the anniversary event. By providing training for members of the Federation of Polish Food Banks, Edelman contributed a new line of communication and key brand messages not only during event, but also for the future.

    Changing the World by Chewing Gum in Sweden / Edelman Sweden

    Client: Mars – Wrigley’s Extra (Orbit)

    Our charge: Help Mars put its ethical principles into action through a cause marketing program for Wrigley’s chewing gum and help them pilot their program, “Oral Care Principles in Action” in Sweden.

    Our response: Edelman helped formulate the program’s framework, defining oral health as the cause as well as identifying beneficiaries and the NGO partner, SOS Children’s Villages. The core of the program will be on-site education programs that teach 16,000 children on the importance of oral health. Edelman is helping to encourage the desired consumption: chewing. Every time someone chews Extra gum, Wrigley’s will donate money to the cause as part of “Chew for Change.” The project will be executed in stores, advertising and an ambassador program through paid media collaboration and in earned media.

    Spreading the Word: Lucía Foundation for Pediatric AIDS in Spain / Edelman Spain

    Client: Lucía Foundation for Pediatric AIDS

    Our charge: Help Lucía Foundation for Pediatric AIDS (Fundación Lucía para el SIDA pediátrico) improve the living conditions of children and teenagers with HIV as well as their families. In many instances, these patients and their families experience poverty and a lack of social services.

    Our response: Edelman employees have provided public relations counsel to the organization in an effort to optimize their communication strategy and tools. Furthermore, a tactical press effort and key media relationships provided the NGO with visibility, while still maintaining a low profile.

    Parkinson’s Disease Awareness in Ireland / Edelman Ireland

    Client: Move4Parkinson’s

    Our charge: Help Move4Parkinson’s, a charity that works to provide knowledge and support to those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, in promoting their new music single and raising awareness of the Dare to Dream concert, which the charity hosted to celebrate World Parkinson’s Awareness Day.

    Our response: The Move4Parkinson’s Voices of Hope Choir recorded Something Inside so Strong with renowned Irish singers Shay Healy and Niamh Kavanagh, the Glór Gospel Choir and the national Garda Band to celebrate World Parkinson’s Awareness Day. Edelman drafted and implemented a media plan to help Move4Parkinson’s raise awareness of this single, and drive downloads on iTunes.

    Widespread media coverage was achieved, with a piece included in the national broadcaster’s main evening television news bulletin; interviews on national radio programs Today FM and Newstalk; as well as an interview with Margaret Mullarney, the founder of Move4Parkinson’s, in the national newspaper The Irish Independent. In addition, Something Inside So Strong reached the Number 1 slot in the iTunes R & B downloads chart.

    Homelessness Awareness in Dublin / Edelman Ireland

    Client: Depaul Ireland

    Our charge: Provide Depaul Ireland, a charity that provides shelter and support for homeless people, with a comprehensive media plan for their Brightening Up Dark Situations campaign. This campaign is a community garden program in some of the most disadvantaged areas in Irish cities.

    Our response: Edelman drafted a media plan for Depaul, which the charity implemented to raise awareness of the community garden initiative. Our plan recommended the addition of a celebrity gardener as program ambassador, and interviews on a number of broadcast radio programs. A link to “Bloom” Ireland’s annual Gardening Festival was also suggested. The aim was to help demonstrate how simple, traditional activities like gardening can bring communities together and help brighten dark situations.

    Helping to Raise Funds for Cancer Care in Ireland / Edelman Ireland

    Client: Musgrave Group

    Our charge: Edelman is once again providing PR support to our client, Musgrave Group, Ireland’s largest independent retailer which runs the Musgrave Triathlon every year. Now in its 11th year, the annual Triathlon, which to-date has raised €3.3 million (U.S. $4.4 million) in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, is expected to attract more than 500 participants through this one-day event.

    Our response: As part of our work with Musgrave, each year Edelman Dublin conducts media outreach to raise awareness of the triathlon. This includes a photo call with a well-known ambassador, and a press release, with a particular focus on the Cork region, where the triathlon takes place. The triathlon is always a huge success, with widespread media coverage achieved.

    Raising Awareness of Animal Protection in Ireland / Edelman Ireland

    Client: Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    Our charge: This year, the Edelman team worked with Mars Ireland to develop a charity partnership with the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other local animal shelters around the annual Pedigree Adoption Drive. Edelman Dublin is working with the organization to publicize the drive, and help accomplish its mission of encouraging Irish dog lovers to consider adopting one of the beautiful dogs waiting in their local shelter.

    Our response: The latest statistics highlight that a big difference is being made. In 2008, a startling 10,094 dogs died in Irish pounds while in 2012, 4,500 dogs died in shelters nationwide. While there has been a large reduction over the past six years, there is still a long way to go and the Pedigree Adoption Drive continues to drive awareness as well as raise much needed funds for shelters in need.

    Bettering the Lives of those Living with Dravet Syndrome / Edelman London

    Client: Dravet Syndrome UK

    Our charge: Dravet Syndrome UK, an independent charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults living with Dravet Syndrome, needed assistance with communications.

    Our response: Edelman London assisted Dravet Syndrome UK in developing communications materials, communications guidance, social media support and celebrity ambassador recruitment. This activity provided invaluable support to those diagnosed with Dravet syndrome and their caregivers.

    Our Work in the United States

    Education for Better, Western Union’s Commitment to Education / Edelman New York

    Client: Western Union

    Our charge: Upon the successful culmination of Western Union’s five-year Our World, Our Family program, Edelman was retained to develop a new, consumer-focused purpose platform that would build on past achievements and complement the evolution of Western Union’s business.

    Our response: Working in tandem with Western Union, Edelman used our proprietary Business + Social Purpose Social USP® process to identify Global Applied Education as social issue focus for their next generation of cause work and build the supporting strategic purpose platform, Western Union Education for Better. The platform boasts an initial three-year commitment to help aspiring students everywhere get the education they need to achieve their potential. It focuses on an issue that is deeply authentic to Western Union and harnesses the company’s unique resources in advocacy, shared value products, cause marketing, grants and employee engagement to help increase educational opportunities worldwide. Western Union Education for Better was announced to great fanfare at the United Nations Education First Initiative in September 2012 and has committed more than U.S. $1.2 million in grants to nonprofits and NGOs that focus on increasing access to improving the quality of education worldwide.

    Disability Label Overturned in People of All Abilities Campaign / Edelman Seattle

    Client: Northwest Center

    Our charge: Northwest Center promotes the growth, development and independence of people with developmental disabilities through programs of education, rehabilitation and work opportunity. The Edelman MATTER team helped launch a groundbreaking campaign that leaves behind the language of charity and entitlement to boldly declare that employing people with developmental disabilities is “good for business.”

    Our response: Coinciding with October National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month, MATTER created a multi-channel advertising and communications campaign which allowed consumers in Washington State to get to know personalities Preston and Diana, two employees with developmental disabilities. Their stories were presented in documentary-style advertising that demonstrate how their presence in the workplace enhances customer experience and evokes the best qualities of co-workers while contributing to overall business success. The campaign, which included broadcast, outdoor and print, followed the previous year’s new brand introduction when Northwest Center changed its logo and tagline to “People of All Abilities.” This rebrand was also guided by MATTER and led to an immediate increase in donations (more than 225 percent) for the non-profit.

    Filtering for Good at SXSW / Edelman Seattle

    Client: Brita®

    Our charge: After years of helping some of America’s most prominent musicians reduce waste on tour and mobilize fans to kick the bottled water habit, Brita® wanted to also engage up-and-coming artists and fans. MATTER was charged with developing a program at SXSW to bring Brita-filtered water to festival-goers, and enlist musicians and fans to join the brand in the FilterForGood Pledge to reduced bottled water waste.

    Our response: In just six weeks, MATTER brokered Brita’s official partnership with SXSW Music to encourage a passionate community of musicians and fans to help reduce waste in Austin, Texas and beyond. We uncovered the SXSW Urban Oasis, which shared Brita’s dedication to sustainability, offered guests a place to relax, recharge, recycle and pledge to reduce bottled water waste in exchange for a free reusable water bottle and Brita-filtered water. Festival-goers eagerly participated, and we helped Brita collect pledges at SXSW two times faster than average. In addition, we created the Blooming Bottles art installation, which symbolized a commitment to conscious change. The size of the art represented the amount of plastic waste at SXSW.

    Over four days, Brita prevented the waste of more than 50,000 plastic bottles from potentially ending up in landfills, and served nearly 7,000 gallons of Brita-filtered water to 18,500 Urban Oasis attendees. Additionally, the brand received approximately 20 million earned media impressions in pop culture and music outlets through Edelman’s proactive media strategy leveraging partnerships with musicians, and an additional one million social media impressions during SXSW. The festival attendees showed Brita the love on social media: “@FilterForGood #pledgebrita at sxsw urban oasis…thanks for making austin more green.”

    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s 20th Anniversary National Tour and Tribute / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Our charge: Promote and support the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s 20th Anniversary, its four-city National Tour, and its two-day National Tribute to Holocaust Survivors and World War II Veterans.
    Our response: Over the past 18 months, Edelman has worked with the Museum to execute and promote its 20th Anniversary National Tour and Tribute. The four-city National Tour and two-day National Tribute in Washington, D.C., featured a mix of educational programming and workshops, family research services and artifact review with Museum curators. Each day’s capstone was a tribute to Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans. Edelman created and executed a national media strategy that promoted the National Tour and Tribute, as well as the broader work of the Museum. Ultimately, the team secured 654 total pieces of media coverage, including 510 unique pieces in print, online, and broadcast outlets, and 144 additional reprints.

    Thanks to a combination of earned media, advertising and intensive stakeholder outreach around the National Tour and Tribute, the Museum engaged more than 10,550 attendees, honored more than 1,800 survivors and 350 veterans, and evaluated more than 200 potential new collections of Holocaust artifacts. Surrounding the Tour and Tribute events was a comprehensive online campaign to connect new audiences with the Museum and promote 20 Actions that people can take to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and bring its lessons forward. This combined outreach led to the identification of more than 35,000 newly engaged individuals who took nearly 116,000 actions. These new voices will be central to helping the Museum continue its work to preserve Holocaust memory during the next 20 years.

    A Record-Breaking Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2013 / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: Shell

    Our charge: Drive attendance and media attention to Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 to highlight the global energy challenge and educate audiences about future energy concerns. Additionally, Edelman helped create a stakeholder engagement event to explore the complex relationship between the production and use of water, energy and food, due to the growing demand for these integral resources and the aspiration to build greater societal resilience.

    Our response: Edelman worked with student teams to engage local and national media in the story of Shell Eco-marathon Americas. Edelman also secured a mix of paid advertisements, including local Houston radio promotions, to drive awareness of and attendance to the event. Ultimately Edelman surpassed all media placement and impressions goals for the campaign, achieving a 96 percent increase in audience reach from the past year’s campaign. Event traffic surpassed expectations, with more than 7,000 visitors to the Shell Energy Lab at the event site.

    Using Shell Eco-marathon Americas as the backdrop, Edelman worked with Shell to develop Powering Progress Together Houston, the first in a global series. The event brought together more than 65 academic experts, NGO representatives, corporate executives and policy makers to exchange ideas and collaborate on how countries, cities and organizations can become more resilient to these stresses. The day-long session also explored the innovations and new partnerships required to solve this global challenge by surfacing, testing and progressing ideas for actions on the resilient and sustainable food-energy-water nexus in Houston and other cities in the Americas.

    Empowering LGBTQ Students to Succeed: Point Foundation / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: Point Foundation

    Our Charge: Point Foundation, the largest scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students of merit in the U.S., hosted a concert and dinner fundraising event and needed expertise to support the event.

    Our Response: Edelman provided strategic media relations support and on-site event coordination. The team secured media coverage among online entertainment outlets, photo wire services and event posting websites, including Us Weekly, VH1, The Advocate, Frontiers, Good Morning America (online) and Yahoo!, to name a few. Edelman also developed a strategic communications plan. The goal was to leverage existing events and key moments to build relationships with national and local media across the country, and consequently drive broader awareness for Point.

    Helping Taco Bell Foundation for Teens “Achieve Más” / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: Taco Bell Foundation for Teens

    Our charge: As part of its work as the AOR for the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, Edelman was tasked with supporting the PR and Digital efforts designed to amplify their message of inspiring and enabling teens to graduate from high school and achieve their personal best.

    Our response: Edelman launched new social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and a new website for the Foundation, driving awareness for and engagement with the Foundation and highlighting impact stories of teens helped by Foundation grants. An integrated team from LA and Washington, D.C. highlighted the Foundation’s community impact by supporting local programming in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Indianapolis and other markets via traditional and social media. In spring 2013, the team strategized and executed the launch of Graduate for Más, a redesigned program from the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens that provides the tools, support, community and local resources students need to stay on track to graduate. Working with TBFT partner Get Schooled and MTV, the team coordinated a surprise rally at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA with actor – and TBFT celebrity ambassador – Mark Wahlberg and MTV News VJ, Sway Calloway. The two shared their stories and encouraged students to promise to graduate with Graduate for Más. Immediately following the rally, Edelman coordinated a listening tour on Capitol Hill, and continues to drive influencer and teen engagement in programs via social channels, earned media outreach and stakeholder engagement.

    Empowering National CASA for Children on Social Media / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: The National CASA Association is a network of 933 programs that recruit, train and support volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children in the courtroom and beyond. National CASA’s mission, together with its state and local members, is to support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy so that every abused or neglected child can be safe, establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive.

    Our Charge: Edelman supports the National CASA Association through a number of stakeholder engagement and media relations efforts designed to elevate awareness of the organization and ultimately drive fundraising and volunteer engagement. As part of the team’s ongoing work, Edelman was asked to develop an educational session at National CASA’s annual conference to help demonstrate how local CASA programs can use social media to raise awareness of the organization’s mission, values and benefits.

    Our Response: As National CASA’s seminal event gathering more than 1,200 staff, board members, volunteers, judges, attorneys and other child welfare professionals, the team knew that the conference would draw an exceptionally diverse audience so Edelman Digital developed a presentation that could resonate with all of these groups. Using examples from the Facebook and Twitter environment, the team gave a tutorial focused on how social media could be used to tell the amazing stories coming out of each of the CASA programs and ultimately ladder back to the organization’s social media goals of awareness and engagement. The presentation also featured tips and ideas on how to use the CASA brand to strengthen and unify their message, branded storytelling, content strategy, and how to handle any issues that arise on social media. The two-hour breakout session was well attended and received positive feedback from attendees as an engaging, informative and useful session.

    Spotlighting a Los Angeles Treasure: TreePeople / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: TreePeople

    Our charge: Increase public visibility of pro-bono client TreePeople, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the Los Angeles cityscape to a more sustainable model, by engaging local media to tell the organization’s 40th anniversary story

    Our response: Edelman invited a Los Angeles Times features reporter to visit TreePeople headquarters on two separate occasions. During her first visit the journalist interviewed Andy Lipkis, founder of TreePeople, and looked through the TreePeople archives. During her second visit the journalist shadowed a student group on an “Eco-Tour” to learn about the effects of a cityscape on rain water drainage. The reporter has indicated that a feature story is planned for the August timeframe, for a potential 9.5 million combined print and online impressions.

    A Night to be Remembered: CoachArt “Gala of Champions” / Edelman Los Angeles

    Client: CoachArt

    Our charge: Support the CoachArt “Gala of Champions” by securing media coverage, driving attendance of the gala and providing on-site event support.

    Our response: Edelman crafted targeted pitches for local and national media, resulting in 10 unique earned media placements, including with The Beverly Hills Courier, MSNBC and Yahoo! News. Overall, coverage was spread among online entertainment outlets, photo wire services and event posting websites, with a uniformly positive tone. The Edelman team also provided social media guidance and best practices to help drive awareness and attendance. The fundraising event was held at the Beverly Hills Hi


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