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Global Communicators is the communications organization of the future!
We tap the resources of experienced journalists, market research professionals, crisis communicators, veteran congressional staff members, special events planners and coordinators, and skilled international relations communicators who work together in project groups organized by the virtual corporation.
Global Communicators assembles teams in practice areas that include media relations, brand development, product/company launches, trade and investment promotion, travel and tourism promotion, social media marketing, special events, government affairs, representation of foreign governments, crisis communications, and global market research and analysis.

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    Media Relations
    Given the media-dominated world in which we live, professional media relations advice and counsel are essential in virtually every assignment given to Global Communicators. Each professional member of our team has had years of valuable media relations experience. They have built extensive contacts and relationships with print and electronic journalists in the United States and internationally. Many of our staff are trained journalists who have worked as members of the media.

    Brand Development
    For companies in every industry, foreign governments, nonprofit organizations, and almost every other segment of the global economy, brand identification and development is critically important. Experiential branding for tourism destinations is one of our specialties. Professionals on the Global Communicators team have identified and developed strong brand images for clients across the United States and internationally.

    Product/Company Launches
    Global Communicators professionals have planned and implemented many successful product and company launch campaigns for clients in various industry sectors including business consulting, consumer products, insurance, homeland security, luxury furniture, manufacturing, technology and telecommunications. From positioning a product within the competitive landscape to building awareness and generating media/analyst coverage, we have developed strategic launch plans to achieve our clients’ communications objectives.

    Special Events
    Our professional team knows how to create public awareness as part of a marketing or public relations campaign through the innovative use of special events that shape public opinion. Events planning has been an award-winning hallmark of our team over the last 30 years.

    Tourism Promotion
    Travel and tourism represents the largest percentage of gross world product. In many countries, tourism is the leading industry, employs the most people, and generates the greatest flow of hard currency. We have worked for some of the most challenging tourism destinations ranging from the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Tourism following the war in 1991 to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during political turmoil in the Middle East. We are qualified to handle all aspects of travel consumer and industry promotion.

    Economic Development
    Economic development is one of Global Communicators’ strongest practice areas. We have promoted direct inward investment for the Greater Lake Geneva region of Switzerland while aiding the private sector investors in the Balkans rescue their crippled economies. We know the U.S. investment marketplace and have been effective in identifying corporate interests and governmental agencies to serve our clients’ economic development objectives.

    Government Affairs
    As registered lobbyists with the U.S. Congress, Global Communicators is experienced in representing the interests of clients in the Halls of Congress. Members of our team have held high-level positions in the U.S. House of Representatives and agencies of the U.S. federal government. We know our way around Washington. We are also qualified to fulfill government relations assignments in foreign capitals of Europe and elsewhere in the world.

    Foreign Representation
    Global Communicators has extensive experience over 20 years in representing foreign governments, organizations and corporations in Washington, DC. As registered foreign representatives with the U.S. Department of Justice, we have met the needs of countries with some of the most challenging and threatening problems and crises.

    Crisis Communications
    Crisis communications planning and management is a strong suit of Global Communicators professionals. We have directed crisis communications efforts for U.S. and foreign tourism destinations, international manufacturing corporations, candidates for federal political office, and nonprofit organizations. Our crisis communications counsel to the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina won the Public Relations Society of America’s Silver Anvil Award.

    Social Media Marketing
    Global Communicators adds its extensive experience in strategic communication to its knowledge of the continuously evolving social media world. Social media are part of our integrated marketing communication approach. Before recommending any specific social media tools, we thoroughly research the targeted audiences to understand which ones they use. We apply social media to all sectors we serve.

    China Investment Specialty
    Our professional staff has worked with small and mid-size U.S. corporations as well as investment promotion agencies around the world in tapping the China opportunity. Clients have used our services for advice and counsel on trade and investment opportunities through sourcing agreements, greenfield investments, joint ventures, best practices, value-adding, mergers and acquisitions, market research, trade and investment promotion, and due diligence.

  2. shinichi Post author

    James W. Harff
    President and CEO

    Jim Harff is a co-founder of Global Communicators and Chairman of its parent company, Harff Communications Incorporated. Previously, as President of the Global Public Affairs division of Ruder Finn for eight years, Mr. Harff directed a team of international public relations and communications professionals from headquarters in Washington, D.C. Mr. Harff’s professional work has specialized in government relations, lobbying, public policy issues management, foreign government representation, international economic development, media relations, crisis communications, and travel and tourism promotion. For eight years he was a Chief of Staff to three Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.


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