International Computing Centre (ICC)

ICCThe very first piece of equipment installed in the ICC Computer Centre in 1971 was an IBM Mainframe System/360 model 65.
From its inception until the late 1980s, ICC primarily provided Mainframe services to its growing number of customers. Low speed lines between ICC and its customers’ premises were mostly used as dedicated links for accessing ICC’s Mainframe System.

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    Implementation of Remedy ITSM

    In June 2012, ICC launched a project for the implementation of BMC Remedy ITSM, a market-leading solution for IT Service Management. ICC made a strategic decision to align its service management process with ITIL best practices, and Remedy ITSM supports the full span of ITIL processes. The first phase of the project was completed in December 2012 and covered the following:

    • Incident Management
    • Service Request Management
    • Asset Management
    • Self-service for submission of service requests and reporting of issues, and ticket tracking
    • Service level management for incident resolution

    The second phase of the Remedy ITSM Implementation project started in October 2013. The goal of this phase is the implementation of a more rigorous Technical Change Management process. This phase is scheduled
    to be completed in March 2014.


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