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    A Trend Micro Research Paper

    Finding Holes

    Operation Emmental

    by David Sancho, Feike Hacquebord and Rainer Link

    Trend Micro


    Operation Emmental is a complex operation that involves several components in order to defeat a particular online banking protection system used in several countries. The infrastructure required to pull the attack off is not inconsequential—the attackers need a Windows malware binary, a malicious Android app sporting various banks’ logos, a rogue DNS resolver server, a phishing Web server with several fake bank site pages, and a compromised C&C server.

    Emmental is an attack that has very likely evolved over time. The fact that the most salient part of the attack—the PC malware—is not persistent likely helped the attackers keep a low profile. We believe this allowed them to use different infection strategies, not just through emails, although we have not been able to detect any other means.


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