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    by Andrew Rogerson

    Successful entrepreneurs believe all beliefs are false. On Wednesday April 03, 2013 I attended an event where Jim Britt was the guest speaker. I’m not sure Jim’s age and I’m not sure he would know or tell you as he would see it as totally unimportant. However, Jim’s been incredibly successful. He’s been around long enough to be able to say he was an early mentor to Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is the self-help guru, motivational speaker and author of books including Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within. Tony works with Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEO’s and other top achievers to remove any road blocks to success. For Jim Britt to say he mentored Tony Robbins it means he needs to know what he’s talking about.

    Jim did a study of 12 over achieving entrepreneurs. He did this study because he wanted to find out the traits for them to be successful; very successful. Jim was able to boil it down to six traits or characteristics. None of them had anything to do with university degrees or lucky breaks or being born with money. They are incredibly simple and here they are in no particular order.

    1. The first trait to be successful is a desire to change. As Jim says, this one is real simple. If you are happy with what you have then you see no reason to learn new skills or do things differently. If you have no desire to change then nothing new or different will happen whether you have it all or not.

    2. This next one is what Jim calls the disease of static action. Real simply, if you have a desire for change but do not do anything about it you will get the outcome you chose; which is no change. The bottom line is that if you have a desire for change, for it to be effective it comes with one requirement and that’s to take action.

    3. The third trait and probably the place where most of us come unstuck is that to be successful it requires you to make a conscious decision that you will do whatever it takes to achieve what you want. If this means more education or giving up something, very successful entrepreneurs will do it; without compromise.

    4. Trait or characteristic number four is the need to be bold. Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people claim are too hard or cannot be done.

    5. The fifth trait is to move out of your comfort zone. As Jim put it so simply, you need to become someone different.

    6. The final trait is to master the skill and embrace the power of letting go. We all make mistakes, things go wrong or bad things happen. Successful people recognize the importance of this skill which is not to get distracted or get down on yourself because something bad happened or you made a mistake and obsess about it. Those that are highly successful don’t dwell on mistakes but simply move on.

    As Jim said, a decision to be healthy rules out being unhealthy. By way of example, smokers have trouble quitting because they frame the action to stop smoking as giving it up or quitting. A better approach is to think in terms that I will always be healthy. By definition, being healthy does not include smoking so it’s much easier to create the outcome to not smoke by choosing to want to be healthy as opposed to thinking you are quitting or giving something up.

    It takes energy to change. Being successful is not only about doing things but doing things differently.

    Jim also made an interesting observation. We attach a feeling to an experience. A negative experience creates a negative feeling and so this negative feeling can prevent us from doing something we need to do to become successful like ask for help, or learn to speak in public or give up a negative behavior.

    One of the best comments he made though I thought was “All beliefs are false.” If you believe money is hard to get then that will be the case. If you believe you can’t learn or master something then that too will come to pass.

    Finally, Jim said that people buy you first. If people don’t relate to you, understand you or find you believable then your chances of success are gone until you turn that around.


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