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    Through The Fire And Flames

    by DragonForce

    uploaded by DragonForceVEVO



    On a cold winter of morning,
    In the time before the light.
    In flames of death’s eternal reign,
    We ride towards the fight.

    When the darkness is falling down
    And the times are tough all right.
    The sound of evil laughter,
    Falls around the world tonight.

    Fightin’ hard, fightin’ on for the steel,
    Through the wastelands evermore.
    The skeletors souls will feel the hell,
    Bodies wasted on the shores.

    On the blackest wings in hell’s domain,
    We watch the lands become.
    In fire and flame, and once again we know.

    So now we’re flying we’re free,
    We’re free before the thunderstorm.
    On towards the wilderness,
    Our quest carries on.1

    Far beyond the sun down, far beyond the moonlight.
    Deep inside our hearts and all our souls.

    So far away we wait for the day,
    For the… Full lyrics on Google Play


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