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    Lust vs. Love

    Shea Strauss and Karina Farek

    14 Comics Depicting The Major Differences Between Lust And Love

    by onlymen_admin

    When a relationship is in its early stages, there is always a confusion, whether it’s love or lust? It’s very difficult to fathom the differences as both results in a wonderful, joyous and celebratory mood. Whether this relationship is going to survive for a long period or it will disappear with the very first fight? No doubt, it’s hard to tell, but time will teach us, what the major differences are between lust and love?

    Lust and love both have many differences, it has its own characteristics and goals. Sometimes lust comes at the expense of love and if it’s love, then never compromise it for the sake of lust. Let nature take its own course, just wait. Believe me, it’s worth it.


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