Leo Damrosch

This is the story of a group of extraordinary individuals, a constellation of talent in eighteenth-century London that was known simply as the Club. Though not a large group, its members made brilliant contributions to our culture that are still celebrated today. But there was another, perhaps even more important, requirement for Club membership: you had to be good company—ready to talk, laugh, drink, eat, and argue until late into the night at the weekly meetings at the Turk’s Head Tavern. Unlike some later clubs, it had no premises of its own, but met in an ordinary London pub.
The members included Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, Edmund Burke, Edward Gibbon, and Adam Smith—arguably the greatest British critic, biographer, political philosopher, historian, and economist of all time. Others were equally famous at the time: the painter Joshua Reynolds; the playwrights Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Oliver Goldsmith; and David Garrick, the greatest actor of the century. New members could be elected only by unanimous vote.

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    梁山泊近辺に横行した反抗者の中でも、北宋末期の12世紀初頭に河北で蜂起し山東一帯で10郡を制圧した宋江の反乱軍は猛威をふるった。14世紀の元の時代に編纂された『宋史』侯蒙伝には、「宋江 京東に寇す」「(宋)江 三十六人を以(ひきい)て斉・魏に横行し、官軍 数万なるも敢えて抗する者無し」とある。まもなく宋江の反乱は鎮圧されるが、やがてこの史実をもとに、梁山泊に宋江以下36人の好漢たちが立てこもる物語が生み出され、明の初め頃に、梁山泊に集う108人の好漢を主人公とする小説『水滸伝』へとまとめられた。




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