Daniel E. Lieberman (ダニエル・E・リーバーマン)

We didn’t evolve to be healthy, but instead we were selected to have as many offspring as possible under diverse, challenging conditions. As a consequence, we never evolved to make rational choices about what to eat or how to exercise in conditions of abundance and comfort. What’s more, interactions between the bodies we inherited, the environments we create, and the decisions we sometimes make have set in motion an insidious feedback loop. We get sick from chronic diseases by doing what we evolved to do but under conditions for which our bodies are poorly adapted, and we then pass on those same conditions to our children, who also then get sick. If we wish to halt this vicious circle then we need to figure out how to respectfully and sensibly nudge, push, and sometimes oblige ourselves to eat foods that promote health and to be more physically active. That, too, is what we evolved to do.


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  1. shinichi Post author

    The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease

    by Daniel Lieberman


    Finally, I have rashly concluded the book with my thoughts about how to apply the lessons of the human body’s past story to its future. I’ll spill the beans right now and summarize the core of my argument. We didn’t evolve to be healthy, but …



    by ダニエル・E・リーバーマン


    最後にもう一つ。私は本書の結びとして、人間の身体の過去の物語から得られる教訓をどう未来に生かすかについて、自分の考えをいくつか述べたが、それが少々せっかちだったと思っている。それでこの場を借りて、一足先に私の言いたかったことをまとめておきたい。私たち人間は、健康になるように進化したのではない。 。。。


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