Jerry Toner

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter XI
Be the Master
How to Buy a Slave
Getting the Best from Your Slaves
Sex and Slaves
What Makes a Good Slave?
The Punishment of Slaves
When Only Torture Will Do
Fun and Games
Remember Spartacus!
Setting Slaves Free
The Problem with Freedmen
Christians and Their Slaves

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  1. shinichi Post author

    How to Manage Your Slaves by Marcus Sidonius Falx

    by Jerry Toner

    At last a clear manual for managing slaves the Roman way. How to Manage your Slaves offers practical answers to every question you’re likely to have and guidance on every problem you’re likely to encounter. Marcus Sidonius Falx shows where and how to buy the slaves for the purposes you have in mind and how to get the best out of them once you’ve got them. He explains how to tell a good slave from a bad, offers guidance on the punishment of miscreants, and reveals the secrets of command and authority. He covers the delicate subjects of when you should let your slaves have sex with each other and whether to engage in sex with them yourself – and considers when to set them free. Armed with this guide you will be master in your own home: your household will be a comfort to your family and its running the envy of your neighbours. Up to now ancient slavery may have been difficult to fathom: this Roman’s-eye view takes us to the heart of the matter and, based on a wealth of original sources, lets us understand just why slaves meant so much to the Romans.

  2. shinichi Post author

    Be the Master

    ‘Surely you would treat your slaves the same way?’
    ‘We do not have slaves,’ was his extraordinary reply.
    Imagine that? A society without slaves! Who has ever heard of such a thing! How would it function? Who would perform the basest tasks, those that are beneath even the lowest-born free man? What would you do with all those captives acquired in wars of conquest? How would you display your wealth? With my mind turning over all these imponderable questions, I found my anger softening.

  3. shinichi Post author

    Chapter I
    How to Buy a Slave

    If a sculptor wishes to make a great work of art he begins by searching out the piece of stone that most perfectly suits his purpose. So too the slave owner must realise that it is only from the right kind of human material that he can ever hope to fashion slaves who display the desirable characteristics of cheerfulness, hard work and obedience. It is vital that he takes the greatest care in selecting the best slaves in the market, ensuring that they are free from defects, whether physical, mental or moral. Here I shall instruct you how best to go about the difficult task of buying a slave.

  4. shinichi Post author


    by マルクス シドニウス ファルクス

    by ジェリー・トナー

    translated by 橘明美










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