Liziwe Ntshengulana

We must therefore stop needing things to be any other way and accept them the way they show up. If we don’t we will always react to them, wanting them today to be the way they should have been yesterday. Our lives then are put together for others, a mere dress rehearsal because we know the reaction we expect from the audience. Our life’s obsession becomes tomorrow and yesterday. We always are today what we wish we were yesterday, we are always preparing today for tomorrow to be like yesterday.
Living moment by moment is foreign to us. The preparations we do today for tomorrow may be irrelevant tomorrow as the need for tomorrow turns out to be completely different from what we anticipated. Fear sets in as all our predictions fail and we are still navigating blindly despite up to the minute preparations.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    Woman Now is the Time

    by Liziwe Ntshengulana

    In a world that is out of its mind, you have to be out of your mind to navigate and live in it. Being out of the `out of the mind’ world means being in your right mind. In your right mind you are whole and not in judgment of anything. In the` out of the mind `world, people get entangled in all the rules that have been made through judgment of how form should and should not be. Form always is, judging how it should be and making it into that is the cause of pain and suffering. Now is the time for the each of us to be in our right minds in balance with our male and female energy to be whole, unconditionally loving to ourselves and thus others.


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