Ole Jørgen Benedictow

Thus, the arrival of the Black Death heralded a new historical period in which epidemic disease affected profoundly the structure and course of European society, from Norway to Spain, from England to Russia. Later research has shown that developments were quite similar in Arab countries in North Africa and the Middle East, and this appears also to be the case in Asia Minor and the Trans-Caucasian countries. This, then, is the reason the history of the Black Death is important: it made history.

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    The Black Death 1346-1353: The Complete History 1st Edition

    by Ole J. Benedictow

    Unique, sensational and shocking, this revelatory book provides, for the first time, a complete Europe-wide history of the Black Death. The author’s painstakingly comprehensive research throws fresh light on the nature of the disease, its origin, its spread, on an almost day-to-day basis, across Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East and North Africa, its mortality rate and its impact on history. These latter two aspects are of central importance here, for it is demonstrated that the plague’s death rates have consistently been under-estimated and that they were in fact much higher, making the disease’s long-term effects on history even more profound.


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