Churchill, not Hitler, was the first to bomb civilian targets behind enemy lines. Chuchill initiated the stratigic bombing campaign and deliberately turned WWII in the West from a war between combatants to an unlimited war of terror and brutality against civilians, and he did this at a point where Germany was bound to have an absolute defeat regardless.
He killed 50,000 civilians in Hamburg with fire-bombs.
He killed 150,000-250,000 civilians in Dresden. The British first droped high explosives on the German residences, then they droped phosphorus bombs in order to create a firestorm to anahilate every living thing in Germany’s most beautiful city.
In 1910 as Home Secretary he suggested force sterilization for 100,000 “degenerate Britons” in order to protect the “race.”
How about when Chuchill ordered the Kurds and Iraqis to be gassed (and shot and blown up and fire bombed and shrapnel bombed) during the rebellion in 1920 against British colonial rule when he was minister of war.

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