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    Sometimes after night shift, looking up at the night sky, I feel that the stars are like a glowing desert, and I myself am a poor child abandoned in the desert… I have that feeling: life on earth is really an accident in the universe, The universe is a big empty palace, and human beings are the only little ants in this palace. This thought made me have a very contradictory mentality in the second half of my life: sometimes I felt that life was really precious and everything was as heavy as a mountain; sometimes I felt that people were so insignificant that nothing was worth mentioning. Anyway, the days are passing by in this strange feeling, and people are getting old before they know it…


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    (Chinese: original; English and Japanese: Google translate)


    In China, any detached thought will slam to the ground because the gravity of reality is too heavy.




    Everything leads to the conclusion that physics has never existed, nor will it ever exist. I know it would be irresponsible to do so, but I have no choice.

    すべてがこの結果につながります: 物理学は存在したことがなく、今後も存在しません。そうするのは無責任だと思いますが、仕方がありません。


    自上个世纪下半叶以来,物理学古典理论中的简洁有力渐渐消失了,理论图像变得越来越复杂、模糊和不确定,实验验证也越来越难,这标志着物理学的前沿探索似乎遇到了很大的障碍和困难。 ‘科学边界’试图开辟一条新的思维途径,简单地说就是试图用科学的方法找出科学的局限性,试图确定科学对自然界的认知在深度和精度上是否存在一条底线——底线之下是科学进入不了的。现代物理学的发展,似乎隐隐约约地触到了这条底线。

    Since the second half of the last century, the simplicity and power of the classical theory of physics has gradually disappeared, the theoretical picture has become more and more complex, fuzzy and uncertain, and the experimental verification has become more and more difficult, which marks the frontier exploration of physics It seems that great obstacles and difficulties have been encountered. ‘Scientific Boundaries’ attempts to open up a new way of thinking, simply trying to use scientific methods to find out the limitations of science, trying to determine whether there is a bottom line in the depth and precision of scientific understanding of the natural world – below the bottom line Science cannot enter. The development of modern physics seems to have touched this bottom line vaguely.

    前世紀の後半以降、古典物理学理論の単純さと力は徐々に失われ、理論像はますます複雑になり、曖昧で不確実になり、実験的検証はますます困難になりました。物理学のフロンティア探求大きな障害や困難に直面したようです。 「ScientificBoundaries」は、科学的方法を使用して科学の限界を見つけ、自然界の科学的理解の深さと精度に収益があるかどうかを判断しようとするだけで、新しい考え方を開こうとします-ボトムラインの下に科学は入ることができません。現代物理学の発展は、漠然とこの収益に影響を与えたようです。



    The laws of physics are uniform in time and space. All the physical theories in human history, from Archimedes’ principle to string theory, and all the scientific discoveries and ideological achievements of mankind so far, are the by-products of this great law. Compared with us, Einstein and Hawking were the It’s really a vulgar person who engages in applications.




    Is the origin of matter really irregular? Is the stability and order of the world just a brief dynamic equilibrium in a corner of the universe? Just a short-lived vortex in a chaotic turbulence?




    Perhaps, the relationship between humans and evil is the relationship between the ocean and the icebergs floating on it. They are actually huge bodies of water composed of the same material. The reason why the icebergs are prominently recognized is only because of their different shapes, but their essence It is only a tiny part of this whole huge body of water… The real moral self-consciousness of human beings is impossible, just like they can’t pluck their hair and leave the earth. This can only be done with the help of powers other than human beings.




    One thing that will be their natural protection is the government’s conservatism and poor imagination.




    This is the rules of the game of civilization, first to ensure the survival of human beings and their comfortable life, and the rest are second.




    The whole of humanity is essentially the same, as long as civilization develops like this, the swallow I want to save, and others, will become extinct sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time.




    Destroy human tyranny, the world belongs to three bodies!




    Memory is a river that has long since dried up, with only scattered gravels left in the lifeless riverbed.




    Look, this is the bug, the gap between their technology and ours is far greater than the gap between us and the Trisolaran civilization. Humans have tried their best to destroy them, exhausted all kinds of poisons, sprayed them with planes, introduced and cultivated their natural enemies, searched and destroyed their eggs, sterilized them with genetic modification; There are killing spirits to deal with them, and there are weapons like fly swatters under every desk to kill them… This long war has accompanied the entire human civilization, and the outcome is still uncertain, and the insects have not been wiped out. They are still arrogant between heaven and earth, and their numbers are no less than before the emergence of humans. Trisolarans who see humans as worms seem to have forgotten the fact that worms have never been truly defeated.


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    劉慈欣 (著)
    立原透耶 (監修)
    大森望、光吉さくら、ワン・チャイ (翻訳)


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