Stopp Oljeletinga!, Norway

We are at a crucial moment in history, where the global crisies are lined up one after the other.
Climate collapse, Covid-19, racism, destruction of biological diversity; all are symptoms of a toxic system which drives us towards extinction. A system which is built on economic inequality, depletion of the planet’s resources, destruction of nature and exploitation of people and nature for profit.
It is truly a global crisis. The future is uncertain and life itself is under threat. Now we can no longer ignore the problems. Now the time for acting in a way that aligns with the severity of the situation has come. Science has concluded. We stand at beginning of a man-made mass extinction, and our governments aren’t even close to properly protecting its citizens, our resources, our biological diversity, our planet, or our future.
Instead they actively contribute to further destruction.
We can not continue like this. The system takes lives.
This crisis knows no bounds and does not distinguish between races or ethnicities. Although wealth can give some protection, it is temporary. Time is running out, and if we fail to stand together in order to protect our planet we will all be in danger, and all will feel the consequences of the collapse.

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