Save Old Growth, British Columbia, Canada

We are in a climate crisis and the BC Government continues to allow the logging of 1000 year old trees
Old Growth Forests act as an essential carbon sink; they hold the soil and reduce the risk and severity of floods and landslides; they act as a natural barrier to wild fires, are home to many endangered species and are culturally and spiritually significant ancestors of these lands.

  • Only 2.7% of B.C.’s original productive old growth forests remain.
  • A 2022 Poll showed 82% of British Columbians support legislation to ban all old growth logging in the province.
  • Over 1,100 people have been arrested at the Fairy Creek Blockade and numerous other blockades have been set up across the province.
  • We are facing the destruction of our society, the economy, everything we love and more.

Saving these precious and important ecosystems is an essential step in preserving a livable future. We must do whatever it nonviolently takes.
Our Demand: Pass legislation to immediately end ALL Old Growth logging in the province of British Columbia

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