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In computational optimisation, a relaxation of a difficult-to-solve optimisation problem is an easier-to-solve approximation with special properties. Application are wide and varied, from manufacturing to and logistics to machine learning, and can also include bioprocess optimisation under uncertainty and petrochemical process network design and operations.

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    Just relax, Or: How I’m bad at my own algorithmic advice

    by Ruth Misener
    Imperial College London

    Ruth Misener is Professor in Computational Optimisation at Imperial College London whose work has focused on developing relaxations and other approaches to expedite the solution of challenging optimisation problems. In her inaugural lecture, she will explore the possible future impacts of these relaxations whilst acknowledging her ironic struggles to achieve more traditional forms of relaxation in her real life.


    Dr Ruth Misener (she/her) is a Professor in Computational Optimisation in the Department of Computing. Foundations of her research are in numerical optimisation algorithms and computational software. Her applications focus on optimisation challenges arising in industry, e.g. scheduling in manufacturing or experimental design in chemicals research. Ruth also contributes at the interface between operations research and machine learning. Ruth received an SB from MIT (2007) and her PhD (2012), from Princeton.


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