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Audrey Tang

I think that common value finding is of utmost importance to the governance nowadays when it comes to social entrepreneurship, Because otherwise, we will just have people lobbying for environmental values, for social values, for economic values, and so on without a coherent way to blend those ideas into a common value that everybody can live with. 一旦發現彼此擁有一些共同價值觀後,就不會再有敵人了。 Once you learn there are some common values there are no enemies anymore.

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粘土質の土に様々な種類の種を混ぜ合わせ、ポーンと放るのです。 そうしたら、その部分の土に合っ種がそこに根をおろして芽を出すのです。

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The Washington Post

What makes for a better life? The OECD Better Life Index asked more than 80,000 people around the world this question. Website took those answers and created the map above, which shows what people named as the highest priority. The answers range from safety in Japan, life satisfaction in Denmark, Germany, South Africa and Switzerland, and education for much of Latin America. Americans say life satisfaction is most important to them, while the Canadians vote for health and Mexico for education.

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Friedrich Hayek

If the “community” or the state are prior to the individual, if they have ends of their own independent of and superior to those of the individuals, only those individuals who work for the same ends can be regarded as members of the community. It is a necessary consequence of this view that a person is respected only as a member of the group, that is, only if and in so far as he works for the recognized common ends, and that he derives his whole dignity only from this membership and not merely from being a man. Indeed, the very concepts of humanity and therefore of any form of … Continue reading

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Meritocracy – We are fair and objective in recognising contributions and performance Excellence – We are passionately committed to learning, improving and delivering outstanding results Respect – We treat others as we would like others to treat us Integrity – We are honest to ourselves, our profession, our institution and our stakeholders Teamwork – We value each other and work together to benefit from our complementary strengths Trust – We foster a culture of mutual support and confidence

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村田珠光が形式を定めて以降、茶の湯は京を中心に主に西国で流行り、特に堺ではとても重要なものとなった。また、織田信長が論功行賞に取り入れた事により、武将達の間でも大流行した。 信長が茶器の価値を見出したのは、今井宗久らに名物茶器を献上されたのがきっかけだととされている。信長は茶器の市場価値を学び、茶器を蒐集し、家臣らが自由に茶の湯を開く事を禁じ、大きな功績があった家臣に対し褒美として茶器や茶の湯を開く許可を与えたりした。その結果、家臣らの中に茶器や茶の湯の許可を貰う事は一国一城をもらう事と同等以上であるという価値観が植え付けられた。 価値の有る茶器を集めた信長は、それらを披露する事により、富と権力を誇示する事にも成功した。 滝川一益は武田家殲滅の後、珠光小茄子という茶入を所望したが、信長は茶入も茶の湯の許可も与えず、代わりに上野一国、信濃の二郡及び関東管領職を与えた。一益はひどく落胆し残念がったという。 また、信長が手に出来なかった楢柴肩衝は、九州全土の石高に匹敵する価値があると言われていた。

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Diversity means all the ways we differ. It includes visible differences such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical appearance; as well as underlying differences such as thought styles, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, and education. Inclusion means a workplace where differences are valued; where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and talents consistent with our values and business objectives. The aim is to create an organisation where people feel involved, respected, connected – where the richness of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are harnessed to create business value.

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Michael Pollan

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. Don’t eat anything incapable of rotting. If you’re concerned about your health, you should probably avoid products that make health claims. Why? Because a health claim on a food product is a strong indication it’s not really food, and food is what you want to eat.

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安倍晋三, Abdelmalek Sellal, Jens Stoltenberg, David Cameron, François Hollande, Hillary Clinton

安倍晋三: 人命最優先での対応を申し入れていたが、人質の生命を危険にさらす行動を強く懸念している。厳に控えていただきたい」と抗議、軍事行動の即時中止を求めた。 Abdelmalek Sellal a exclu toute négociation avec les ravisseurs. Jens Stoltenberg: The Algerian prime minister said they felt they had no choice but to go in. David Cameron: The Algerian armed forces have now attacked this compound. It is a very dangerous, a very uncertain, a very fluid situation and I think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of bad news ahead. François Hollande: Je fais toute confiance aux autorités algériennes pour trouver les solutions les meilleures pour mettre un terme à cette prise d’otages. An administration official said the U.S. was not aware of the raid to free the hostages in advance. Hillary Clinton: The security … Continue reading

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Pour éviter des «heures sup», l’avion fait demi-tour On ne plaisante pas avec les heures supplémentaires en Norvège. Des passagers d’un avion d’une compagnie régionale l’ont appris à leurs dépens.

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Michael Connelly

There is no end of things in the heart. Somebody once told me that. She said it came from a poem she believed in. She understood it to mean that if you took something to heart, really brought it inside those red velvet folds, then it would always be there for you. No matter what happened, it would be there waiting. She said this could mean a person, a place, a dream. A mission. Anything sacred. She told me that it is all connected in those secret folds. Always. It is all part of the same and will always be there, carrying the same beat as your heart.

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新しい状況の中で、幸せな人生を送るための新しい価値観をまだ見つけられてないのではないか。まだまだ昔の価値観にしがみついて、引きずっている気がする。 男(女)とはこうだとか、これがいい男(女)だとか、ずっと以前に社会に刷り込まれたことなのに、真に受けて、そうじゃない自分を卑下して生きている。そんなものは取っ払って、新しい幸せの価値観とか、いい男(女)像のようなものを手に入れるべきだ。

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