Tyler Durden

  • Why is JPMorgan’s gold vault, the largest in the world, located next to the NY Fed?
  • In China clean air sells at $0.80 per breath
  • First horse (meat) trading, now 59% of “tuna” sold in the U.S. isn’t tuna
  • Personal incomes & the decline of the American saver
  • CapEx, corporate cash, and ZIRP’s vicious cycle
  • Hedging funds and physical vs paper gold
  • 16 signs that the middle class is running out of money
  • The economist vs Italy’s “clowns”
  • China Central Bank says it is “fully prepared for looming currency war”
  • Visualizing all the silver in the world
  • Is there oil in ‘Kryzakhstan’? Ask John Kerry
  • Here comes China’s drones
  • The devil in the details of the Dow
  • The ethics of Repudiation
  • Inside America’s money vault
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