You cannot obtain
Impossible perfection
Still, it’s a good goal

After many years
I’m perfectly in balance
Sometimes inbalanced

Fun is subjective
Fun to one is not always
Fun to everyone

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2 Responses to SUBIDIOM

  1. shinichi says:


    1. fixed expression with nonliteral meaning: a fixed, distinctive, and often colorful expression whose meaning cannot be understood from the combined meanings of its individual words, for example, “to have somebody in stitches”
    2. natural way of using a language: the way of using a particular language that comes naturally to its native speakers and involves both knowledge of its grammar and familiarity with its usage
    3. stylistic expression of person or group: the style of expression of a specific individual or group
    4. subidiomatic expressions act as facilitators of expression or linguistic shortcuts. These expressions are usually based on modifiers and may have co-occurring parts of speech. A subidiom’s sense limited and is homologous to the sense of the modifier or the part with which it occurs

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