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  1. shinichi says:

    Restaurant ESqUISSE (レストラン エスキス)

  2. shinichi says:

    ESqUISSE means “drawing” in French.

    It is created with rough lines in paintings or architecture.

    A chef is first and foremost a craftsman (artisan). Dishes are created using an “esquisse” method but a dish is not a “defining creation”. Each of the chef’s ideas fragilely shapes the “taste”. This momentarily takes shape through a chef’s emotions, inspirations, desires and passions… One finished dish is a mere process of a never ending journey.

    Japan is blessed with rich soil and surrounded by the bountiful sea. Those who live here are full of ideas and allure. For a chef, this island is the perfect canvas to express himself.

    Everything in modern society is instantaneous and uniform and is only moving further away from a natural form. What is necessary for us now is to go back to our organic behavior, to find what we really need and to find simple joys in life.

    Cooking was invented 800,000 years ago. It dates back to when humans discovered and acquired the skill of “fire (heat)”. Humans instinctively knew that food would be easier to digest after it was heated. At this time, humans became aware of the 5th sense, the “sense of taste”. Since then, at the same time we sought nutrition from our food, we sought a desire and satisfaction to fulfill our sense of taste.

    We would like to share with our customers the extremely simple relationship of seeking to maintain health by eating delicious food and that savory joy and health are the same concept.

    Lionel Beccat

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