Nancy Wood

Today is a very good day to die.
Every living thing is in harmony with me.
Every voice sings a chorus within me.
All beauty has come to rest in my eyes.
All bad thoughts have departed from me.
Today is a very good day to die.
My land is peaceful around me.
My fields have been turned for the last time.
My house is filled with laughter.
My children have come home.
Yes, today is a very good day to die.

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  1. shinichi says:

    Many Winters: Prose and Poetry of the Pueblos

    by Nancy Wood

    The native Americans of Taos Pueblo have lived in the Rio Grand Valley of New Mexico for over 800 years. Their unique vision of the world, their deeply rooted attachment to their land, and their own way of life, and the quiet wisdom of their old people are eloquently recorded in this illustrated volume of poetry and prose.

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