Ernst Cassirer

I may walk through a landscape and feel its charms. I may enjoy the mildness of the air, the freshness of the meadows, the variety and cheerfulness of the colouring and the fragrant odour of the flowers. But I may then experience a sudden change in my frame of mind. From this point on I see the landscape with an artist’s eye: I begin to form a picture of it. I have now entered into a new realm, not the realm of living things but of “living forms.” No longer in the immediate reality of things, I now live in the rhythm of spatial forms, in the harmony and contrast of colours, in the balance of light and shadow. The aesthetic experience consists of this being absorbed in the dynamic aspect of form.

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  1. shinichi says:

    An Essay on Man

    by Ernst Cassirer

  2. shinichi says:

    Art of the Landscape

    by Raffaele Milani


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