Richard R. Powell

Accepting the world as imperfect, unfinished, and transient, and then going deeper and celebrating that reality, is something not unlike freedom.

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  1. shinichi says:

    WabiSabiSimpleWabi Sabi Simple:
      Create beauty.
      Value imperfection.
      Live deeply.

    by Richard R. Powell

    Wabi sabi is an ancient Japanese aesthetic that values the imperfect, the handmade and the simple. By living the wabi sabi life, Westerners would be seeking to find peace and truth through nature, harmony and the little things. Readers can explore all aspects of this wondrous way of life:- Wabi sabi working – doing what one loves and not overdoing it; Wabi sabi eating – valuing the humble and familiar and savouring the exotic; Wabi sabi socializing – gleaning the lessons of the ancient tea ceremony; Wabi sabi creativity – enriching one’s life by; valuing individual moments. The author serves as a highly eloquent guide on the reader’s journey to a simpler, more fulfilling life.

  2. shinichi says:

    Wabi Sabi Your Life: 6 Strategies for Embracing Imperfection

    by Gretchen Roberts

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