Michiko Ishimure

  • There is a living spirit in every tree, in every weed, in every blade of glass. Fish and earthworms, all living beings are endowed with a soul which stays behind and enters a new life when they die.
  • You can’t rely on God, on any god, when it comes to Minamata Disease. They say that God created the world and Man to be a living image of Himself. But has God also created Chisso Corporation and organic mercury? Is this bunch of murderers who poison innocent people a divine creation? Is this bunch of murderers who poison innocent people a divine creation?
  • They say that if you die a natural death, Amida Buddha will take over your soul and lead it straight to His Pure Land Paradise. But who will take charge of a soul dissolved in organic mercury? Will Chisso do it? What will the Company do with all the souls they killed?
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  1. shinichi says:

    Ishimure1Michigan Classics in Japanese Studies

    Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow: Our Minamata Disease

    by Michiko Ishimure

  2. shinichi says:


    Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow: Our Minamata Disease
    by Ishimure Michiko
    Michigan Classics in Japanese Studies No. 25
    University of Michigan Press



    Paradies im Meer der Qualen: Unsere Minamata-Krankheit
    von Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit (Herausgeber), Michiko Ishimure (Autor), Ursula Gräfe (Übersetzer)



    By Author Lake of Heaven: An Original Translation of the Japanese Novel by Ishimure Michiko
    Translated by Bruce Allen
    Lexington Books



    歌集 海と空のあいだに

    Ishimure Michiko’s Writing in Ecocritical Perspective
    Between Sea and Sky
    Edited by Bruce Allen and Yuki Masami
    Contributions by Ikezawa Natsuki, Iwaoka Nakamasa, Christine Marran, Livia Monnet, Patrick D. Murphy, Karen Thornber, Toyosato Mayumi and Watanabe Kyoji
    Lexington Books




    Story of the sea of camellias
    by Ishimure Michiko
    translated with notes by Livia Monnet


    Reborn from the Earth Scarred by Modernity: Minamata Disease and
    the Miracle of the Human Desire to Live
    by Ishimure Michiko
    translated by Michael Bourdaghs

    The Asia-Pacific Journal
    Volume 6 | Issue 4 | Number 0 | Apr 2008


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