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  1. shinichi says:

    La chaîne Fox News interview Marion Maréchal-Le Pen dans ”Full Measure”
    uploaded by


    Le Petit Journal : la traduction totalement fausse de Marion Marechal Le Pen par Fox News
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    What Marion Maréchal-Le Pen said: What Fox News said:
    …difficulty, if you want, explain that it’s not the immigrant himself, the person, that we target and attack, but the immigration policy in total has a nasty effect.
    But we have to realise, the principles of reality applies, I know that in France…
    I would like to remind that France is europe’s leading exporter or ISIS soldiers that underline a malaise. Don’t burry your head in the sand, the areas with the strongest immigration rates are the areas that are the most insecure. This immigration policy has failed.
  2. shinichi says:


    by Full Measure Staff

    In France, there is a rising rock star of the political right.

    26-year-old Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has a political pedigree that some might call extreme. The issues of migrants and terrorism have combined to ignite her career, and a little controversy.

    Full Measure’s Scott Thuman has the story.

    Don’t let the adoring fans, swarms of cameras and photogenic smile fool you, you’re looking at one of France’s, or more accurately Europe’s most controversial figures. And no topic has made Marion-Marechal Le Pen more talked about than immigration.

    Le Pen: There are security consequences. Radical Islam has emerged. Terrorism is one of the more radical drifts. It’s just the beginning. In this situation our parties are lead to come to power, I hope. We are lead to completely change the migration policy implemented by the European elites.

    The power she spoke of when sitting down to talk to us in Paris is the rising right in France, and a party called the National Front. Le Pen believes France should slow, if not stop allowing mass migration that she claims is posing a threat.

    Thuman: Critics say that’s hateful, that we should be more accepting of immigrantswhen people say the way you speak is hateful, how do you respond to that?

    Le Pen: I would like to remind that France is the Europe’s leading exporter of ISIS soldiers that underlines a malaise. Don’t bury your head in the sand. The areas with the higher immigration rates are the areas with a strong insecurity. This immigration policy has failed. We have to stop burying our head in the sand because of the right thinking.

    In some respects, Maréchal-Le Pen has become the face of the movement, winning her seat in parliament at age 22 and gaining steam ever since.

    No stranger to the spotlight, she was the poster child during her famous family’s political runs. Her grandfather Jean-Marie and her aunt Marine are both also considered polarizing. Marine Le Pen is now the president of the National Front.

    The young Le Pen is striking a new chord for her harsh stands against a growing Muslim population, abortion and gay marriage. Her sentiments are being noticed far from France. She has drawn attention and praise from others, like Sarah Palin, who calls Le Pen a ‘political crush,’ full of “courage and common sense on a continent that needs both.”

    Thuman: Le Pen’s popularity, while relatively small here in Paris, is hard to ignore in other regions where supports say it’s not just her tough talk, but her undeniable charisma that has their movement gaining momentum.

    Critics in the capital city call her rise concerning.

    Guénolé: We had spectacular results in favor of far right, which is radically anti-Islam, anti-Muslims, anti-Arabs and anti so called immigrants, which is in fact code word for Arabsbasically!
    Political analyst, Thomas Guénolé, says her success would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

    Guénolé: We have a climate that looks like the 30’s but with Arabs instead of the Jews, basically.
    But the rising voice of the right in as many as a dozen European countries is creating a new wave of discontent over open borders, and Le Pen is riding that wave, while blaming her elder, more experienced colleagues.

    Le Pen: The politicians are complicit or blinded by this reality because of the political correctness. They do nothing while Salafi Imams are enlisting young French people and some associations are standing as the advocates of the jihad.

    Le Pen: They don’t make integration efforts. I believe the big drama is that a large part of French Muslims express sympathy towards radical Islam. And this particular Islam isn’t compatible neither with democracy nor with the values of the republic, particularly in terms of women’s rights, as it’s already been shown.

    That notion of a French Republic on the rise drove the National Front and Le Pen to another win, followed by a loss in regional elections last December.

    But the new party status has created a powerful springboard for the presidential bid by her aunt for the election next year, and who knows after that.

    Thuman: Would you like to be president one day? You don’t think about that?

    Le Pen: Of course, of course but I have no career strategy. I have no career strategy. I haven’t decided to be minister or president. It’s not my goal. I go where the people need me.

    Instead, Le Pen says she’s just one of the little soldiers for her aunt in the 2017 election, and while their party may benefit politically from the immigration crisis, several political experts told us they feel the National Front has peaked.

  3. shinichi says:

    Fox news caught bullshiting translation by french media, they invented everything that woman

    by quityourbullshit

    Fox news completly invented a translation, and I don’t mean they missed a few term, I mean they completly invented everything I’m going to translate the video for you. Here is the video:

    What she said: What fox news said:
    And so we already know this is only the beginning and that in these conditions I think the party we represent in the future will lead, I hope, to come in buisness and change radically. There are security consequences, radical islam has emerged, terrorism is one of the most radical drifts, it’s just the beginning in this situation our parties are led to come to power I hope.
    …difficulty, if you want, explain that it’s not the immigrant himself, the person, that we target and attack, but the immigration policy in total has a nasty effect.
    But we have to realise, the principles of reality applies, I know that in France…
    I would like to remind that France is europe’s leading exporter or ISIS soldiers that underline a malaise. Don’t burry your head in the sand, the areas with the strongest immigration rates are the areas that are the most insecure. This immigration policy has failed.
    And so if you want to propose a spiritual model completly outdated to youngsters in identity crysis, and that is the real subject that’s why we, anyway we want to stop immigration as much as we can regardless of the origin… The politicians are complicite or blinded by this reality because of political correctless, they do nothing while salafist immam are enlisting young french people and some associations are standing as the advocates of the jihad.
    …And France is concentrated in order to form cultural secession, and so to make no immigration effort. I think today the big drama is partly…. They don’t make a big integration effort, I belive the big drama is that muslims express sympathy towards radical islam and this particular islam isn’t compatible neither with democracy nor with the values of the republic.
    That’s not at all in my plans !
    I don’t think about that at all because my party president is admirable and competent.
    Of course but I have no carreer strategy.
    I haven’t decided weither to be president or prime minister but it’s not my goal, I go where people need me.

    Apparently not fox news, Lefigaro edited their article after I posted, also:

    Yes, this is total bullshit, but why are we calling out Fox specifically? Full Measure is owned and produced by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, not Fox, and is purchased by several local stations, including Fox, as well as ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, MyTV, Univision and Telemundo affiliates. The full list is here: Can’t call out Fox specifically without calling out all the other networks listed too, as well as Sinclair. I know that’s not as good a headline as “Fox tells bullshit”, but it’s also not full of bullshit itself.

    Slipdickgreg: They aren’t a news channel. They are an entertainment channel. No need for truth there.

  4. shinichi says:

    Full Measure

    Full Measure is a broadcast focusing on investigative, original and accountability reporting unique in today’s media and will be dedicated to pursuing Untouchable Subjects through Fearless Reporting. The host is Sharyl Attkisson, five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. She is backed by a team of award winning journalists.

    The show format will include a major investigative piece each week on topics ranging from immigration issues at home and abroad, government waste, national security concerns and vulnerabilities, whistleblower reports on government abuse and misdeeds. Newsmakers and experts will be part of weekly live interviews. The show will also feature regular segments that will bring scrutiny to ongoing topics of public interest.

    Full Measure is produced by and will air nationally on stations of the Sinclair Broadcast Group. It isavailable in 43 million households in 79 markets on 162 Sinclair stations, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, MyTV, Univision and Telemundo affiliates.

  5. shinichi says:

    Fox Skews

    Claim: Fox News won a 2004 court case allowing the cable channel to lie to viewers.


    Origins: Rumors have circulated since at least 2009 claiming that the Fox News cable television channel fought successfully in court for the right to lie, misinform, or deceive viewers. The claim that Fox News legally won the “right to lie” has been repeated across the internet despite its being factually inaccurate on more than one level.

    First, the case from which the rumor stemmed resulted in a Florida appeals court ruling in February 2003, not 2004. More germane to the rumor, however, is the fact that the case at hand did not involve the national Fox News cable channel (the case substantially predates the Fox News cable channel’s current 24-hour coverage), but rather a local Tampa Bay television station (WTVT) that was an affiliate station of the Fox network.

    Additionally, the events that led up to the “Fox lies” case were not about the station’s day-to-day programming; rather, the legal battle to which the rumor refers was about a husband-and-wife reporting team (Jane Aker and Steve Wilson) who objected to being involved in an unaired story about bovine growth hormones (BGH) due to what the pair believed was a corporate conflict of interest. The reporters claimed they had been unfairly terminated from their jobs for “resisting WTVT’s attempts to distort or suppress the BGH story”:

    In September 1997, WTVT notified Akre and Wilson that it was exercising its option to terminate their employment contracts without cause. Akre and Wilson responded in writing to WTVT threatening to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) alleging that the station had “illegally” edited the still unfinished BGH report in violation of an FCC policy against federally licensed broadcasters deliberately distorting the news. The parties never resolved their differences regarding the content of the story, and consequently, the story never aired.

    In April 1998, Akre and Wilson sued WTVT alleging, among other things, claims under the whistle-blower’s statute. Those claims alleged that their terminations had been in retaliation for their resisting WTVT’s attempts to distort or suppress the BGH story and for threatening to report the alleged news distortion to the FCC. Akre also brought claims for declaratory relief and for breach of contract. After a four-week trial, a jury found against Wilson on all of his claims. The trial court directed a verdict against Akre on her breach of contract claim, Akre abandoned her claim for declaratory relief, and the trial court let her whistle-blower claims go to the jury. The jury rejected all of Akre’s claims except her claim that WTVT retaliated against her in response to her threat to disclose the alleged news distortion to the FCC. The jury awarded Akre $425,000 in damages.

    Another common misconception is that Fox News invoked First Amendment protections in order to retain the “right to lie” during the lengthy legal battle between the couple and the Florida Fox affiliate. There was no mention of any such claim in the appeals court decision, and Akre herself does not corroborate it. Ultimately, the FCC concluded in 2007 that the conflict between Akre and Wilson and the affiliate boiled down to an “editorial dispute … rather than a deliberate effort by [WTVT] to distort news.”

    The “right to lie” claims are similar to another false story about Fox News’ trustworthiness, that the network was banned in Canada because it does not meet stringent Canadian broadcast standards for truthfulness.

  6. shinichi says:


    フランス人は、Fox が「news channel」だと思っている。

    アメリカ人は、Fox が「entertainment channel」だと知っている。

    Fox をはじめとするアメリカのテレビ局にとっては「面白い」ということが高視聴率のための絶対条件であって、ある程度の脚色は必要不可欠と考えられている。



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