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A woman’s memory is like a huge cupboard, with dozens of shelves and where everything is in its right place. Women accurately retain information about everyone they encounter and everything that happens — who loves what food, whose birthday is on what date, what her mother asked her to do for her and what her child needs for school. Men, on the other hand, generally remember only the things which they consider to be really important, which often leads them to accuse women of filling their heads with completely irrelevant information.

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  1. shinichi says:

    Remember information differently


    13 things which men and women do differently

    Bright Side

  2. shinichi says:

    20 simple differences between men and women

    Bright Side

    Designer Yang Liu published the book Man Meets Woman, which presents in an a striking fashion some of the most widespread stereotypes about gender. We decided to share some of the best one’s with you, which brilliantly illustrate the differences between people’s interpretations of the world and society better than any psychology book.







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