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  1. shinichi says:

    How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream

    by Jamie Bartlett:



    Dark Net: Collection of websites accessed from a TOR server that keep the user anonymous
    -Has it’s own market

    Dark Net Market

    • Drugs, Pornography, Whistle Blower sites, Facebook
    • Vendors based on reputation
    • Lower prices, higher quality
    • Untrackable, anonymous, encrypted
    • Currency: BitCoin using multi-signature escrow payments and tumbler system

    Dark Net Product Look


  2. shinichi says:


    Tor を使っている人がみんな悪い人たと言わんばかりだ。

    Dark Net なんていう名前までつけ、犯罪とか悪とかといって決めつけ、一方的な見方に終始する。



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