Florin-Constatin Mihai, Maria-Grazia Gnoni

E-waste Management as a Global Challenge (PDF file)

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  1. shinichi says:

    E-waste Management as a Global Challenge

    by Florin -Constatin Mihai and Maria- Grazia Gnoni


    1. E-Waste Management in transition and developing countries

    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment management (E-waste or WEEE) is a crucial issue in the solid waste management sector with global interconnections between well-developed, transitional and developing countries. Consumption society and addiction to technology dictate the daily life in high and middle-income countries where population consumes large amounts of EEE products (electrical and electronic equipment) which sooner become e-waste. This fraction is a fast-growing waste stream which needs special treatment and management due to the toxic potential of public health and environment. On the other hand, the e-waste contains valuable materials which may be recovered (precious metals, Cu) reused and recycled (metals, plastics) by various industries mitigating the consumption of natural resources.

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