Kenneth Grahame, Charles van Sandwyk

When Mole is drawn out of his underground abode (‘Hang spring-cleaning!’) by the imperious call of Spring, he is fascinated by the world above his home. The first animal he meets is lively Ratty, who introduces him to the beauties of the river and the joys of ‘simply messing about in boats’. Mr Toad, irrepressible aristocrat and creature of crazes, shatters this rural calm with his discovery of the automobile. ‘Villages skipped, towns and cities jumped – always somebody else’s horizon! Oh, bliss! Oh, poop-poop!’ Soon he is risking life and limb indulging his new-found passion, experiencing brushes with the law and landing himself in prison, much to the concern of his friends. Even stern Badger cannot control Toad’s lunatic enthusiasms and wild antics, until they are all faced with a tremendous battle against the scheming stoats and wheedling weasels that have taken over Toad Hall. Can the four friends win against the frightening denizens of the Wild Wood? And does our irresponsible hero really become ‘an altered Toad’?

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  1. shinichi says:

    The Wind in the Willows

    by Kenneth Grahame

    illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk

    The ­glorious adventures of Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger have enchanted children and their parents for over a century. A glorious edition of the children’s classic, with enchanting illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk.

  2. shinichi says:


    ケネス・グレーアム (著)
    E.H.シェパード (イラスト)
    石井 桃子 (翻訳)


    たのしい川べ (岩波少年文庫 (099))
    ケネス・グレーアム (著)
    E.H.シェパード (イラスト)
    石井 桃子 (翻訳)


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