Royal Copenhagen

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  1. shinichi says:

    Royal Copenhagen

    Blue Fluted Plain

    Blue Fluted Plain was Royal Copenhagen’s first dinner service design. Today, 240 years later, it is one of the world’s most famous and desirable porcelain sets.

    Blue Fluted Plain is still produced as it has been since the beginning, where each piece is treated as a piece of art and is lovingly painted by hand.

    Designed in 1775.

    Revised in the 1880’s by Arnold Krog.


    Blue Fluted Plain – Into the heart of Denmark’s heritage

    Historical yet timeless: Royal Copenhagen’s very first porcelain dinner service, the Blue Fluted pattern is as graceful as when it was first adopted in 1775 as the very first porcelain dinner service. Centuries later, Blue Fluted Plain is a cultural cornerstone as well as a part of the fabric of daily modern life in Denmark – still painted and glazed by hand.

  2. shinichi says:

    Royal Copenhagen flagship store

    千代田区有楽町1-12-1 新有楽町ビル1階

    営業時間 11:00 ~ 19:00 年末年始休業

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