I.F. Stone

All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.

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  1. shinichi says:

    “You’ve really got to wear a chastity belt in Washington to preserve your journalistic virginity. Once the secretary of state invites you to lunch and asks your opinion, you’re sunk.”
    — I.F. Stone on government manipulation of the media


    The Importance Of Being Izzy And The Death Of Dissent In Journalism

    From All Governments Lie by Myra MacPherson


    Stone went from a young iconoclast in the 1930s to an icon during the Vietnam War. In the fifties, he spoke to mere handfuls who dared surface to protest Cold War loyalty oaths and witch hunts. A decade later, he spoke to half a million who massed for anti-vietnam War rallies. He became world famous.

    Today, Izzy’s remarkable immediacy leaps off the pages. Not only is he a sheer joy to read, his views take on vital importance, as if he had written them just this morning, illuminating the tumultuous first five years of the twenty-first century.

    “There was increased reliance at home and abroad on suppression by force and an increasingly arrogant determination to ‘go it alone’ in the world.” This was not written when George W. Bush ignored the United Nations, colleagues, international treaties, and advice of allies and started a war but by Stone during Cold War escalation.

    “All governments are run by liars . . . ” This was not about the weapons of mass destruction or subsequent other Iraq War lies but those told during the Vietnam War.

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