Manic Loveless

Love is a curious thing, and we as humans have studied it since the ancient times. Cultures from all over the world have their own take on what is “true love”, and it means something different to everyone. To some, love is a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach. For others, it is a trust and bond that only a select few are privilege to.
There are even some who’d say they would die or kill for love.

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Kris Gage

Too often, we think love is supposed to be manic
People celebrate “losing themselves,” and “falling” for someone; they get tossed and turned like they have no say in the matter; they let themselves get pulled emotionally willy nilly and chalk it up as “passion.”
“Relationships take work,” we tell ourselves. But we’ve misconstrued what that “work” is supposed to mean.
“Boring” is better than “impassioned,” and while most great relationships have a blend of both, forced to choose, we should readily take the former.Consistently warm is far more hospitable than hot and cold for long-term emotional wellbeing.
Boring is beautiful
By “boring,” I mean stability, consistency, reliability. We can hang our hat on these things; we can only build on a solid, unwavering foundation.

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Samantha Irby

I’m in love and it’s boring.

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Kris Gage

What makes us happy?

  • Focusing on what we can control (which is only ourselves)
  • Committing (ourselves) to our partner  —  love them healthily and hard, every day.

The only thing we control is us. And “marriage” is about commitment, but it starts and ends with our own.  And after that, we only need to respect our partners as their own person, separate from us, who commit to us not by contract, but choice.

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Caroline Zielinski

Despite today’s popular view that marriage equals love, matrimony is not actually grounded in love or intimacy: historically, it was a strategic alliance between two families, more often than not orchestrated by the families to ensure long-term stability and prosperity for the maximum amount of people.

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Laurel Stewart

People seem to have a pretty good understanding of what love feels like, and we do a good job respecting love as an important feeling. But our culture sends a pretty contradictory message about what commitment is. We say marriage requires love and commitment, and yet somehow “love is all you need” prevails as a logical sentiment. Our collective divorce rate speaks for our confusion.

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J. Richard Cookerly

What pops up in your mind when you see the words “intimate love”? Lots of people think of something sexual. Others think of something powerfully and very personally emotional. There are a good many other people who think about both ecstatic sex and various intensely pleasurable, psychological states interwoven together.
The term “intimate love” can mean a surprisingly wide range of different things to different people.
Intimacy in a love relationship can mean knowing another and being known by another in incredible ways. It also can mean a sense of wonderful closeness, fervent shared eroticism combined with a marvelous sense of loving and being loved in very personal ways.

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Kemi Amushan

I know that one of the best feelings in the world is holding the person you love close to your heart and body; to connect mentally, emotionally and physically. We don’t realize it but our intimate relationships teach us a lot about the people we love and even more about ourselves. So what really is intimacy?

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George Steinmetz

Six Mile Bridge, which leads from Marathon Key toward Key West, is what the South Florida coastline might look like in a hundred years if sea level rises according to current climate change models.

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Marc Levy

Il n’y a rien de plus complet qu’un couple qui traverse le temps et qui accepte que la tendresse envahisse la passion.

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A five-dimensional space is a space with five dimensions. If interpreted physically, that is one more than the usual three spatial dimensions and the fourth dimension of time used in relativitistic physics. It is an abstraction which occurs frequently in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct. In physics and mathematics, a sequence of N numbers can be understood to represent a location in an N-dimensional space. Whether or not the universe is five-dimensional is a topic of debate.

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Rod Sterling

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

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Juan Ramos

The 5th dimension remains in debate but many believe it could represent an undefined or unknown dimension in space that is unknowable to humans. Einstein’s general theory of relativity defines the 4th dimension as time and another 5th dimension yet to be discovered.

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Jason Hise

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Lucy Foulkes

All brains are different
Recognising that all adolescents are different has really important implications for things like education or advertising. If, for example, the way in which adolescents learn is dependent on their specific pattern of brain development, then educational strategies that are based on averages will only have limited use.
Similarly, advertising campaigns for things like sexual health, if based on the studies that are averaged across participants, will work for some adolescents but not others.
The sooner we understand the difference between adolescents, the sooner we can integrate this information into schools and policy. This is important, because after all, there’s no such thing as an average teenager, and we need to remember this as we continue to refine our understanding of the adolescent brain.

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Concrètement, il sera défini par le terme “anthropomorphisme” le fait d’attribuer des caractéristiques comportementales ou physiques propres aux humains à d’autres entités telles que des dieux, des objets, des phénomènes, des idées ou bien des animaux.

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Lisa Randall

There’s definitely a sense that we’re close, but there’s a big difference between being close and reaching the goal. As a theorist, I’m not conducting experiments. The best I can do is say, “This is the way things are. Are there things that we’re missing? Are there ways that we can interpret the data so that we can learn more than we thought we could?” That’s how the discovery about gravitational waves was finally made, but it took 50 years. We could do the same for particle physics: talk about what we’d like to see in the future, but at the same time talk about what information we can extract from the measurements we already have. It’s a combination of those two: how to disperse our research resources optimally, but also how to analyze the existing information and learn more.

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Bari Weiss

Women are hypocrites. Women are opportunists. Women are liars.
They are abusers and bullies and manipulators. They are capable of cruelty, callousness and evil.
Just like men.

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Tom Robbins

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.

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Strong Mind

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Foreign relations of Israel

Foreign relations of the ROC (Taiwan)

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  㤅  哀  爱  悲  愛


  悲 哀 愛(爱) 㤅 惻 愴 悼 悽

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I choose to love you in silence … for in silence I find no rejection,
I choose to love you in loneliness … for in loneliness no one owns you but me,
I choose to adore you from a distance … for distance will shield me from pain,
I choose to kiss you in the wind … for the wind is gentler than my lips,
I choose to hold you in my dreams … for in my dreams, you have no end.

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Charles Baudelaire

Ce qu’il y a d’ennuyeux dans l’amour, c’est que c’est un crime où l’on ne peut pas se passer d’un complice.

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I love this world because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and that’s why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead. Growth is possible only if there is imperfection. I would like you to remember again and again, I am imperfect, the whole universe is imperfect, and to love this imperfection, to rejoice in this imperfection is my whole message.

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If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.

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Mikhail Naimy

Ask not of things to shed their veils. Unveil yourselves, and things will be unveiled.

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Kahlil Gibran

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.

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Stephen Hawking

One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist…..Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.
(So next time someone complains that you have made a mistake, tell him that may be a good thing. Because without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.)

If you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.

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Regarde au loin
Au mélancolique je n’ai qu’une chose à dire : « Regarde au loin. » Presque toujours le mélancolique est un homme qui lit trop. L’oeil humain n’est point fait pour cette distance ; c’est aux grands espaces qu’il se repose. Quand vous regardez les étoiles ou l’horizon de la mer, votre oeil est tout à fait détendu ; si l’oeil est détendu, la tête est libre, la marche est plus assurée ; tout se détend et s’assouplit jusqu’aux viscères. Mais n’essaie point de t’assouplir par volonté ; ta volonté en toi, appliquée en toi, tire tout de travers et finira par t’étrangler ; ne pense pas à toi ; regarde au loin.

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Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita. Did she have a precursor? She did, indeed she did. In point of fact, there might have been no Lolita at all had I not loved, one summer, an initial girl-child. In a princedom by the sea. Oh when? About as many years before Lolita was born as my age was that summer. You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibit number one is what the seraphs, the misinformed, simple, noble-winged seraphs, envied. Look at this tangle of thorns.

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Surabhi Surendra


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David Ewalt

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STMEGI Новости

Секрет долголетия заключается в том, что японцы – единственный народ на Земле, который при общении старается не испортить настроение своему собеседнику. Более позитивной страны найти в мире невозможно. Поэтому мы видим настоящее экономическое чудо, у них нет земли, им негде сеять рис и строить города, у них абсолютно отсутствуют природные богатства. Но при этом они самая богатая нация на свете. Средняя зарплата японца – три с половиной тысячи долларов.
Дело в том, что секрет успеха целой страны заключается в том, что японцы одними из первых научились контролировать _свои мысли_. Понимая прекрасно, что негативные мысли убивают не только настроение собеседника, но и его здоровье, и его будущее, – они взяли и выкинули из своего языка слово «нет».
Это было сделано естественным образом, потому что каждый из них в школе, дома, на работе, контролирует свои мысли и не даёт негативным мыслям испортить жизнь и будущее другим людям.

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Auberge de la Source

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英辞郎 on the WEB

  • (人)を迷子になったとして諦める
    give ~ up for lost
  • 友人とはぐれて迷子になる
    become lost after being separated from one’s friends
  • ちょっと迷子になる
    get a little lost
  • よく迷子になる
    get lost a lot
  • しょっちゅう迷子になる
    get lost a lot
  • 頻繁に迷子になる
    get lost a lot
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Mark Knopfler

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Katie Melua

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Rainer Maria Rilke

To be loved means to be consumed. To love is to give light with inexhaustible oil. To be loved is to pass away, to love is to endure.

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nao さん


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  1. ローマ字のつづり方は改修ヘボン式によること。
  2. 長音の符号には「 ̄(マクロン)」を用いること。
  3. はねる音「ん」はB・P・Mの前はM、その他はNを用いること。
  4. はねる音M・Nとその次に来る母音(Yを含む。)とを切り離す必要があるときは「-」を用いること。
  5. 促音はCHの前はTを、その他の場合には次に来る子音を重ねること。
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日本語の「らりるれろ」をアルファベットで綴るときには R で表記します。でもなぜ L ではないのでしょう。日本人は英語の L と R の区別ができない、とよく言われますが、それは日本語に流音が「ら行」子音ひとつしかないからで、しかもそれが英語の L とも R とも違う「弾き音」の発音であることに由来しています。そもそも L と R の違いって何なのでしょうか。
確かに、日本語の「ら行」子音は英語の r とはかなり違った発音です。言語学に興味があって数カ国語の欧米言語を話せるハンガリー人の同僚に聞いてみたのですが、日本語の「らりるれろ」を発音して聞かせたところ、「これは l とも r とも聞こえる。丁度中間の感じだね。なるほど、日本人が l と r を区別しにくいわけだ」、との返事でした。一般に l と r は発音学上、息がなめらかに流れる子音という意味の「流音」に属しますが、日本語などにはこれが1種類しかないのが混乱のもとなのです。日本語のら行子音は弾き音といって、舌の先を上の歯茎の裏あたりに一回つけて弾く音であって、英語の舌を口腔内に浮かせてどこにもつけず「ぅる」というようなこもった音で発音する歯茎後部接近音の r とはまるで別の音です。これに比べれば、舌面前部を歯茎につけて発音する側面音 l の方が近いとも言えます。でも、英語圏のネーティヴのひとに言わせるとやはり、舌先で弾く「ら行」子音と、舌の側面から空気を逃がして発音する英語などの l とはかなり違っているらしく、日本語のら行は r に近くも聞こえるようです。実際日本人の耳にも、英語の l は日本語ら行より硬く聞こえるように思います。

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René et Maxime Meilleur

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澤芳樹, 髙橋政代

髙橋 医療に限らず,どんな技術でも進歩の歴史は試行錯誤の過程です。現在の再生医療を航空機の開発になぞらえれば,「初飛行を終えたところ」でしょう。

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「愛するとは、尽きない油をもって輝くこと。愛されることは滅びゆくが、愛することは持続する ―― 」というリルケの言葉が印象に残っている。
「自分で納得し、やっていけるのは、結局、自分の中にある愛だけなのだ ―― 」という私の大好きなピーター・フォンダの言葉!

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Catherine Tate

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Journaliste au Yémen

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TVS Motor Company

Mineral oil is the most basic variety of engine oils and is most commonly used for a large majority of everyday vehicles. Mineral oils are refined petroleum oils which undergo treatment to perform across a wide temperature range.
Semi-synthetic oil, also known as synthetic blend oil has a small amount of synthetic engine oil blended in with mineral oil to boost its properties without escalating the cost by much. The addition of synthetic oil enhances its viscosity and wear resistance at higher temperatures and stress.
Synthetic oils are essentially mineral oils only; however, they go through an extensive treatment in the lab to make them significantly superior to their mineral counterparts. As a part of the process, the mineral oil is broken down into its most basic molecules, which helps remove any undesired substances and impurities to a very high degree. The molecules of synthetic oil are also very consistent in their size and shape, offering superior lubrication.
As a rule of thumb, everyday, average performance motorcycles don’t require you to spend extra for semi-synthetic or synthetic oil. A good quality mineral oil which complies with the grade recommended by the manufacturer should work well enough.

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Central India Media

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Yorke Zhang, Jerod L. Ptacin, Emil C. Fischer, Hans R. Aerni, Carolina E. Caffaro, Kristine San Jose, Aaron W. Feldman, Court R. Turner & Floyd E. Romesberg

Since at least the last common ancestor of all life on Earth, genetic information has been stored in a four-letter alphabet that is propagated and retrieved by the formation of two base pairs. The central goal of synthetic biology is to create new life forms and functions, and the most general route to this goal is the creation of semi-synthetic organisms whose DNA harbours two additional letters that form a third, unnatural base pair. Previous efforts to generate such semi-synthetic organisms culminated in the creation of a strain of Escherichia coli that, by virtue of a nucleoside triphosphate transporter from Phaeodactylum tricornutum, imports the requisite unnatural triphosphates from its medium and then uses them to replicate a plasmid containing the unnatural base pair dNaM–dTPT3. Although the semi-synthetic organism stores increased information when compared to natural organisms, retrieval of the information requires in vivo transcription of the unnatural base pair into mRNA and tRNA, aminoacylation of the tRNA with a non-canonical amino acid, and efficient participation of the unnatural base pair in decoding at the ribosome. Here we report the in vivo transcription of DNA containing dNaM and dTPT3 into mRNAs with two different unnatural codons and tRNAs with cognate unnatural anticodons, and their efficient decoding at the ribosome to direct the site-specific incorporation of natural or non-canonical amino acids into superfolder green fluorescent protein. The results demonstrate that interactions other than hydrogen bonding can contribute to every step of information storage and retrieval. The resulting semi-synthetic organism both encodes and retrieves increased information and should serve as a platform for the creation of new life forms and functions.

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A chief strategy officer (CSO), or chief strategist, is an executive responsible for assisting the chief executive officer (CEO) with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives.
Today, many CEOs have less time to devote to executing strategy, while at the same time uncertain environments increase the need for professional strategy development. As a result, Chairmen, Presidents, and CEOs in academic, nonprofit and corporate organizations are appointing CSOs. In recent years, the CSO position increased in popularity, which is reflected by the high number of US companies (nearly 50% of S&P 500 firms) who created CSO positions in their top management teams.
The CSO is a consultative role; part leader and part doer, with the responsibility of ensuring that execution of the strategy supports the strategy elements. This unique background takes a multitude of different operating experiences, and must include being both a creative thinker and influential collaborator. CSOs are often executives who have worn many hats at a variety of companies or agencies before taking on the responsibilities and tasks that come with the job title.

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Henri Salvador

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Yuval Noah Harari

Why is liberal democracy in crisis? Is God back? What can we do about the epidemic of fake news? Which civilisation dominates the world? Should Europe keep its doors open to immigrants? Can nationalism solve the problems of inequality and climate change? What should we do about terrorism? What should we teach our kids?
Billions of us can hardly afford the luxury of investigating these questions, because we have more pressing things to do: we have to go to work, take care of the kids, or look after elderly parents. Unfortunately, history makes no concessions. If the future of humanity is decided in your absence, because you are too busy – you and they will not be exempt from the consequences. This is very unfair; but who said history was fair?

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本書は、私が殉職船員への鎮魂の念を込めて書いたものであるが、以下の多面的機能を備えている。第ーに、太平洋戦争の敗因を補給作戦面から解明した戦史としての機能である。第二は、徴傭船原簿で確認された喪失船舶 3,605 隻(約905万総トン)について、沈没位置・殉職船員等の数を含む被害の概要、並びに 1,221 の輸送船団の出発港・到着港、投入・被害船腹量及び護衛艦数等の情報を、それぞれ一覧表にまとめ後世に伝えようとした記録(データベース)としての役割である。第三は、これら一覧表のデータを、設定した類別に基づき多角的に量的分析を行っているので、船舶及び輸送船団の被害状況を客観的に解明した学術書としての使命である。本書が将来に亘り広く利用されることを願っている。

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Parc Naturel Régional de Millevaches en Limousin

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超える、超す 越える、越す
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Paul Pogba, N’golo Kante

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AB型: 宮澤喜一、江崎玲於奈、植木等、石原慎太郎、坂上二郎、石橋蓮司、アントニオ猪木、黒沢年雄、井上陽水、谷村新司、間寛平、松崎しげる、村田兆治、奥田瑛二、古舘伊知郎、名取裕子、假屋崎省吾、東ちづる、川島なお美、今井美樹、増田明美、内村光良、稲葉浩志、香川照之、財前直見、有森裕子、江角マキコ、松岡修造、桑田真澄、杉本彩、富田靖子、反町隆史、山口もえ、市川海老蔵、菊川怜、澤穂希、上村愛子、村主章枝、相葉雅紀、水川あさみ、ベッキー、松下奈緒、本田圭佑、佐々木希

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Michel Sardou

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Jacques Deray

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  • 重いつわりや難産、マタニティブルーや産後うつに苦しんだ。メンタルヘルスの問題がある
  • 望まない妊娠で、仕事などやりたかった道の断念を余儀なくされた
  • まとまった時間を寝てくれない、ずっと抱っこしていないと泣くなど、子どもが育てにくい個性をもっている
  • 義両親や夫、地域から孤立していて、身近に味方がいないと感じる
  • 自分自身が幼少期に愛されずに育った
  • 自分自身のことがどうしても好きになれない
  • 関係がうまくいっていない夫や義両親、実両親と、子どもが似ていると感じる
  • よいママでありたい、ダメなママだと思われたくないと常に思う


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青花 梅竹山水人物文 八角水滴: 青花とは、中国や朝鮮での染付の呼び方。酸化コバルトを発色の主成分とした呉須顔料で絵付けを施したやきもののこと。側壁に梅と竹、上面に山水文をあらわした、八角に面取りされた水滴です。水滴とは、硯に水を注ぐための容器。傾けることで、側面についた小さな注ぎ口から、少量の水を差すことができます。面をきっちりとった潔い器形ですが、手取りは重く、安定感があります。加えて、上面に厚く掛かった釉薬が、青花の青色と良く馴染み、柔らかい発色となっているのが特徴。シャープな器形ながらも、角のとれた上品さも兼ね備えている作品です。

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では、昔話を語るうえでいちばん大切なことはなんだと思いますか? それは、大人が子どもの耳に「生の声」で聞かせることです。目で読む文学、たとえば絵本のようなものが登場したのは、ごくごく最近。絵巻物のようなものがあったかもしれませんが、それはお金持ちだけのもので、大多数の人たちは、子どもを膝に乗せて昔話を語った。うんと身近なところでしゃべるから、子どもたちは体温や呼吸を感じる。その距離で接しているから、自分が相手にされている、愛されているということがいつの間にか実感できる。

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末尾 CPUの一例 説明
なし Core i7-6700 通常版CPU。
X Core i7-5960X 倍率ロックフリーを示す
K Core i7-6700K 倍率ロックフリーを示す
C Core i7-5775C 末尾X, Kと同様に倍率ロックフリーを示す
S Core i7-4770S 省電力版CPU。省電力になることと引き換えに
T Core i7-4770T 超省電力版CPU
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Cambridge English Dictionary


[ U ] a situation in which you have a close friendship or sexual relationship with someone:

Intimacy between teachers and students is not recommended.

[ C usually plural ] things that are said or done only by people who have a close relationship with each other:

It was obvious from their witty intimacies that they had been good friends for many years.

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Robert Sternberg

Combinations of intimacy, passion, commitment
Infatuated love(夢中な愛)
Empty love(空っぽな愛)
Romantic love(ロマンティックな愛)
Companionate love(友愛)
Fatuous love(愚かな愛)
Consummate love(完璧な愛)
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