Ralph Linton

The earliest Chinese date which can be assigned with any probability is 2250 B.C., based on an astronomical reference in the *Book of History.

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    National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoir

    Ralph Linton (1893—1953)

    Biographical Memoir by Clyde Kluckhohn


    As a person within the professional circle, Linton was probably at his best with those younger than himself. With his elders he had something of an “authority figure” problem and with his contempo- raries he was somewhat competitive. This last statement, however, should be qualified in two particulars: he had exceedingly cordial relationships with many colleagues from other fields; he also had some close and lasting friendships with anthropologists of his own age. In general, though, Linton was a little "touchy" and sometimes suspicious with his seniors and with possible "rivals." These attitudes seem to have been intensified in his relationships with certain distinguished women anthropologists, although in his personal life Linton was much admired by women and got along famously with them if issues touching on professional rivalry did not arise. In any case, he was extraordinarily generous with younger anthropologists. —and not only his own students in the formal sense, as the present writer can testify. He went far out of his way to open doors for younger men and women and to help them secure teaching or research opportunities that would further their potentialities.


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