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    A man holds a girl as she tries to escape when she realised she is to to be married, about 80 kilometres from the town of Marigat in Baringo County, Kenya, December 7, 2014.


    As Pokot tradition dictates, the future husband arrived to her family home with a group of men to collect the girl. The men arrived with the last settled dowry of livestock for the girl’s family. In this case it was 20 goats, three camels and 10 cows, given during a period of several weeks. The remaining 10 cows were to be given the morning the girl was taken to her new home by her husband and the rest of the men. The girl was unaware of the marriage arrangements that her father had made. The family said that if they had told her in advance she might have run away from home. In the Pokot tradition, parents give their daughters as wives usually at the beginning of their adolescence. In a harsh and difficult environment, the Pokot have developed practices and kinship structures that allows their way of life to endure. The girls are ready for marriage after an initiation ceremony marking their passing over into womanhood.

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    SM6Siegfried Modola – photojournalist


    Special prize by Jury of the 11th DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards.

    Gold in the Culture category of the China International Press Photo Contest.

    Exhibited at the Bayeux-Calvados Award of War Correspondence.

    Part of the Reuters Pictures of the Year selection.

    Part of the Russian Reporter Magazine winning second place under the Editing Portfolio Magazine theme for the Pictures of the Year International.

    Shortlisted for the German Hansel Mieth Photo Reportage prize.


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