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A tolerant society is not one that is only tolerant of the right kind of diversity but tolerant of a wide variety of beliefs and practices. To an important degree, the more a society is tolerant, the more it is liberal.
But this statement is true only up to a point. Beyond this point, into the realm of harming and threatening others, and undermining justice and security, we could in fact say the more tolerant a society is, the less liberal the society is. Or to put this another way, toleration matters a great deal, but it is not the only thing that matters. And while the practice of toleration lies at the heart of liberalism, it is but one component.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    Respecting Toleration: Traditional liberalism and contemporary diversity

    by Peter Balint


    Chapter 1 A tolerant society
    Three challenges for toleration
    Accommodating diversity
    Justifying toleration
    Traditional liberalism and toleration
    Two types of agent: state and citizen
    The role of principles
    Outline of the book

    Chapter 2 Understanding political toleration
    Being ‘tolerant’
    Specific acts of tolerance
    Toleration as a general political practice
    Toleration and state neutrality
    Further challenges to political toleration
    Alternative solutions to the problem of political toleration

    Chapter 3 Active indifference: A neutral and accommodating state
    Challenging neutrality
    Conceptions of neutrality
    Why care about neutrality?
    Active indifference
    Why ‘hands off’ is better than ‘hands on’
    Identity and recognition
    Not distinguishing between mere preferences and deeply held beliefs

    Chapter 4 Tolerance and the citizen
    An act of tolerance
    Reducing intolerance
    Tolerance and the state
    A tolerant disposition

    Chapter 5 Against respecting each others’ differences
    An obligation to respect difference?
    Appraisal respect for difference
    Trying to respect
    Being deemed ‘respect-worthy’
    Tolerance and respect

    Chapter 6 Practising Toleration
    The weightiness of neutrality
    Dealing with difference
    The boundaries of toleration



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