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For responsible companies, the avoidance of legal sanctions is a secondary motivation – first and foremost, corporate respect for human rights ensures that they, at a minimum, do not harm the individuals and communities that are impacted by their activities. Moreover, in 2015, leading companies know that respecting human rights

  • brings commercial benefits, through increased investment, access to wider procurement and top-quality recruits as well as reputational benefits;
  • allows them to better anticipate and manage operational and regulatory risks, and be well positioned to comply with future legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • can avoid costly company-community conflicts by securing their ‘social license to operate’.

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    • 投資の増大、調達機会の拡大、優秀な人材の確保、評判の向上などを通じて、商業的利益がもたらされる
    • 業務・規制リスクの予測・管理が向上し、将来の法規制要件に対応する体制が整う
    • 社会的操業許可」を確保することにより、コストの掛かる地域社会との紛争を回避できる
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